Share your memorable dating stories

Kwentuhan tayo about your best, worst, weirdest, scariest, most interesting dates :grin:

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Dated a former student DJ na mahilig sa music, may banda, kumakanta, and all that. He wrote a song for/about me, and at that time, I thought it was sweet. He even performed the song on live radio. :blush: Now, na-realize kong sobrang clingy at overly cheesy pala niya, at buti na lang hindi kami nagkatuluyan because he tends to start things without really thinking about how to finish them.


May isa akong nakadate na sobrang boring. Nag google pa siya sa harapan ko ng “things to talk about on a date.” Wala talaga kaming spark kaya buti nalang natapos na dun :no_mouth:


Di man lang nageffort na itago from you. Ruuude!

My friends always set me up with their family members :shy:

Blind date #1: brother ng friend ko. He brought me to a nice restaurant (I think his sister planned it), where he talked about his CD collection. :bored:

Blind date #2: pinsan na resident doctor ng friend ko. We went somewhere in Morato, nice resto. He talked about work, I talked about mine. He was smart and funny and not bad looking. We hit it off. He then walked me to my friend’s house where my barkada was waiting for a debrief. He asked for a few more dates, but work got in the way. He got busy I got busy. He is still unmarried til now.

Blind date #3: Another cousin of same friend. Tuod sya day. He did not plan ananything and kept saying “Ikaw bahala” kahit man lang sa movie choice. I chose Collateral Damage para maingay at walang usap usap. Fail.

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Meron akong naka-date, ex siya nung isa ko pang dinedate (I was dating around that time). Imagine the delight when we realized we were talking about the same person.

Ang liit talaga ng mundo. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sa mundo natin, talagang maliit. Kaya nga may chart sa L word hehe

May naka-date ako dati sa Megamall kami nagmeet para halfway. Taga QC ako, taga Las Pinas sya. Nag-offer naman ako ihatid sya pauwi dahil gabi na. Nabadtrip ako kase di man lang nya naisip mag-offer na siya na magbayad ng toll gate. Hirap na hirap na ko bumunot sa wallet pero kebs pa rin si ate girl. Ayun wala na 2nd date haha


I dated someone before for a couple of months. Tapos sabi niya, he’s going to be traveling for a while. Tapos nag-message sa akin he likes guys. Ano ba. Suki siya sa Thailand now. Good thing date-date lang and nothing serious.

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Longest first date I’ve had: 7 hours 20 mins, just talking and laughing the entire time. Ended with an unplanned stargazing, which made everything perfect for me, given that I’m such a sucker for stars and the sky.

Another memorable first date, different person: Not as long as the one above since we met way past midnight, but I’ve never experienced having someone so engaging to talk to that next thing I knew, it was already past 7am (the bar was open 24hrs on weekends), and maliwanag na sa labas. I was surprised I was able to stay up that long considering that I barely slept the day before, and was physically drained from getting stuck in traffic from Tagaytay to Metro Manila and having to show support pa for the bar operations of my sorority… And yet he was able to keep me awake with just his charming smile and thought-provoking questions. Iba rin. :raised_hands:

Lol the ones that really stand out, for me, are the ones with the best conversations. I mean, if someone can hold your interest for that long, and vice versa, without having to resort to doing other things… that’s really something :blush:


The date was the usual – met up one Saturday afternoon in Glorietta, spend a couple of hours for dinner, then after the mall has closed, you go to a quiet coffee shop that’s still open and burn the next several hours there talking.

Til you realize it’s almost 2 am and that you still have an upcoming 21 km run in two hours! Hindi nya alam na may takbo pa ko – until after the run! Nag-away pa yata kami dahil dun. Good times. Pero ayoko na ulitin. Crazeee :lol: :amazed:

Ito pa, last date I went to before I met hubby.

So, I dated this cargo pilot guy, met him in HK (he had a stopover there for a couple of days) after I met my other friend.

We just made tambay at Starbucks IFC, mega kwentuhan until I realize gabi na at baka hindi ako umabot sa last train pabalik ng Mainland China (where I live) and I worry about my dog. Super enjoy kaso hindi na naulit sa sobrang busy namin pareho. Nagparamdam siya ulit about 3 months after, I was on a date with my hubby (when we were just starting as a couple) in Chicago and he sent me a message he was in Wisconsin and asking where in the world am I. When he messaged me, hubby and I were at a farmer’s market tapos we were looking at a Wisconsin cheese stall. I never replied to the message.

I always wonder about that guy. Parang what if siya eh.

Spent hours reading poems, singing songs, and showing meaningful video clips to each other.

Walking lang, holding hands, walang salita. Tapos upo somewhere, still walang salita. Just feeling each other’s presence.


Doktor kasi hehe. Mahirap talaga makahanap :laugh:

Our first date, he brought me to church to thank God he knew about my existence. One year after, we still go to the same church, to thank God for leading us to each other. We make it to a point in our dates to drop by to say a prayer. Never been this close to God.



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Spent an entire weekend with someone. First time kaya special. An entire afternoon in bed just talking and staring the sky from the window, no TV and no phones. We got up to hear mass together - na first time ko ginawa with anyone on a first date. Tapos nagpunta kami sa house ng parents nya to pick up something. First time to meet the parents din. Hehe. Then the next day nag roadtrip to the beach. :inlove:

We sat at the steps of the Manila Cathedral, talking about random things, di namin namalayan we were already holding hands. When it was time to leave the place, he helped me up and continued to hold my hand until we reached the car. Hahaha! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


What happened then?

Went home the next day haha

Still dating her up to now but then ECQ happened, so LDR muna and looking forward to the end of this :winking:


Naka relate ako sa #3 ni @quarantined

Fresh out of HS, debut ng friend ko na cousin nya. In front of everyone while on the dance floor he came to me, kneeled and kissed my hand. So sa hiya ko sa buong angkan nya and pinsan nya I agreed to go out with him. Wala akong nahita sa araw na yun. Puro “kung ano gusto mo”. After that all my friends will ask me even years after what happened to him. Sabi ko lang busy sa school kaya we lost touch. :winking: