Screen Adaptation versus the Printed Source

daming screen adaptations nowadays na hango sa printed source.

let’s discuss them here.

always prefer the book but still watch the screen version?
at peace with the fact that these are different mediums or adamant that the adaptations stay 100% true to the particular story line?

confused as to which particular story arc/s they mined to frankenstein the move plot from?

let me start of with one that i really liked

Gaiman and Pratchett’s (+) awesome


with Gaiman writing the screenplay, it’s just about as good as it can get as far as making the leap from print to screen.


Neil even makes a cameo along with Terry’s hat and scarf

and yes. we can also discuss kung gaano kasagwa yung writing sa GoT on HBO towards the end

EDIT: @mimi, pwede nga pala ilipat through editting the original post/title


Di ba magkakaron na ng The Dune? Yan ang hintay ko. Sana hindi disappointing.

I did not like GoT sa TV, kaya am part of that 1% na di nanunuod.

Best book-to-screen pa rin for me is LOTR. Sinabi ko na ito sa dating peyups, akalain mo yun eto pa rin paniniwala ko until now :hihi:


The best yung screen adaptation ng The Hobbit :upside_down_face: Who knew there’s enough material for three movies? :smash:

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I was really mad at GRRM, kasi nawalan ako ng moral ascendacy sa mga nanonood lang ng GoT na di nabasa ang book. I did watch the show, though. :hide:

Agree po ako na best book to screen ang LOTR. I also felt bad that I was not able to see it sa big screen (sa TV ko lang napanood)

Anyway, I have this acceptance already na minsan di talaga swak ang screen adaptations sa printed source, and a lot of cinema peeps take liberties with the material.

Pera-pera lang. Since strong na yung brand ni Peter Jackson, keribels yung 3movies para 3x the sales. And I would guess a lot of the three movies were shot ng sunod-sunod naman.

Wala din yatang dwarf-elvish landian sa book. Added lang yata para hindi sobrang fantasy sausage party yung cast

@arwen - hopeful din ako na maayos yung latest version nila Dune.

@nescafe_ice13 - most people would really be fine naman with deviations from the printed source.
ang malala lang that largely contributed to the mess Benioff and Weiss made of the GoT tv series is the fact na na-overtake nila yung books.
so vulnerable yung story sa strength (or lack thereof) nila as writers. sayang yung opportunity to have created something that would’ve been really special and possibly ageless.
nowadays, i don’t think anyone would bother to rewatch the GoT series.
while rewatchable nga yung LOTR and even the Hobbit.

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Sakli. Hindi ko tinapos yung first season nh GoT :lol: Yun lang mahirap pag nabasa mo libro, you keep on finding incosistencies (deliberate or not)

Naalala ko nung napanuod namin ng friends ko yung Twilight, we kept arguing what Bella’s pick-up’s color was :rotfl: Walang kuwenta di ba?

I have never read the book, but I enjoyed the TV adaptation niyang Good Omens.
I loved Howl’s Moving Castle as a movie until I read the source book. I think they are two very different things. I like both but in a different way.
+1 sa GoT - books better than the tv series, which I never really watched until the last 3 episodes ng final season. Wala na’ng book to lord over everyone else eh haha
Also–the HP movies were kinda kulang for me. Emma Watson as Hermione meeeh. She just isn’t good as an actress. None of her post HP work is anything to write home about. She is a lovely person and admirable with her causes, but she cannot act. Also, Daniel Radcliffe cannot act.

Thanks for the recommendation re: Good Omens. I read the book ages ago and forgot that there’s a TV adaptation :twothumbs:

On Topic:
HP films < books
LOTR films > books
Arrival film ~ short story

Oh, and growing up I collected Archie Comics. Read them all the time until I was in High School. I cannot stand the TV series on Netflix. :tearseyes:

100%. I was excited to learn na merong tv show until I realized what it really was. No thank you. Whatever that thing is on Netflix is NOT Archie.

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Oo nga eh. It being a very obvious cash grab just leaves a very bad taste in the mouth.

On topic ba ang anime movies dito? Sobrang guilty din ng mga anime dito since most of them are just meant to be advertisements for the manga and light novels. Kaya most of the adaptations are trash. :face_vomiting:

Pasok naman basta print to screen adaptation (PTSA?).

To be honest, effective naman kasi talaga to bring more readers kapag may screen adaptation.

I didn’t really know much less want to read about ASOIAF before I learned about the HBO series.

I learned about my current favorite book series through a largely panned syfy channel adaptation (Jim Butcher’s the Dresden Files)

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OnT naman siguro. The ones I’ve read and watched are okay, but very bitin since they only cover a small part of the manga. I think the anime turns out fine if it’s faithful to the manga.

I really liked the Good Omens adaptation too. Crowley was what I imagined him to be from the book, but I didn’t like Aziraphale so much.

There are so many books that are better than their screen adaptations. I can think of only one movie that’s better than the book: Devil Wears Prada. :rotfl:

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I’m also hoping really hard that Neil Gaiman is happily involved with the current Sandman project that’s supposedly in the works and probably ready soon

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Also, naging trend that the last books were two-part movies, kasi daw di kayang macapture ng isang movie yung full essence ng book.

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I see the logic for this din.
Kasi nga usually mas madaling magkaroon ng malawak na scope in print na mahirap I-flesh out on screen.

Tolkien could reallllly draw out the despair of Frodo and Samwise in the LOTR books. Pero pamatay ng energy kapag sobrang haba on screen.

Medyo milking it lang yung 3movies ng Hobbit though

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The Magicians. Why did they even try kung basura lang? Very disappointed :disappointed:

Ito yung kay Lev Grossman(?)

I think I read the first book years ago and liked it well enough to look for the second one.

Hindi lang masyadong na.retain ng utak ko ying details for some reason. :headscratch:

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Yep. Yung second one diko matapos tapos for some reason. Sisimulan ko ulit.