Share your favorite sandwich spread concoctions/recipes here

Ito mga paboritong kong gawing sandwiches:

  • peanut butter, sometimes as is or with jelly
  • ham, cheese and a little mayo
  • hotdog & mayo (usual baon ko to nung bata ako haha so I do this pa rin once in a while)
  • egg salad (eggs, white onion & lil bit of mustard), as is or with diced spam
  • chicken salad (chicken, mayo, white onions, minsan may pickle relish), as is or with pesto cream or basil
  • tuna salad (tuna, mayo, red onions), as is or with apple slices (sa Greenhouse ko nakain ito) or tomato slices
  • grilled cheese (ang effort lang gawin hehe)
  • cream cheese with smoked salmon pero di siya bagay sa “tasty”, pang bagel lang ata :lol:

Sabi ko di ako mag pe peyups today eh. Tsk. Last post.

ECQ discovery ko: butter and coco jam. Sarap! :yummy:


I mostly get my sandwiches sa 7-Eleven :laugh: Yung mga gusto ko, tinatry kong ireverse engineer sa bahay

  • Egg salad :egg::green_salad::sandwich:
  • chicken salad :poultry_leg:
  • tuna salad
  • ham and cheese :pig::cheese:
  • Chiz Whiz pimiento w Chippy na blue
  • strawberry jam and butter (though mas masarap to sa pan de sal)
  • tuna salad (pepper, lots of onion, cheese, mayo)
  • home made cheese pimiento spread (left over queso de bola, butter, canned or fresh pimiento, konti condensed milk)
  • liver spread w red Chippy

speaking of liver spread, masarap rin siya with jam, ECQ discovery rin :hihi:

Jam + ham + avocado + fried egg (runny yolk) open faced sandwich. If you have some arugula before the egg

Pesto + 2 types of cheese ( i usually just use gouda and emmental)

Egg salad (eggs, mayo, onion, pickle relish)


Puwede tapos spread sa toasted bread parang Kaya toast :slight_smile:

OnT: Egg salad sandwich din, comfort food and nostalgic for childhood picnics and baon sa school excursions

Reno liver spread sandwich is a close second…


Grilled cheese (Emmental, sharp cheddar, Brie) on sourdough, cooked in obscene amounts of butter. Tapos may katabing tomato soup! :yum:


Tomato, pesto & mozzarella grilled sandwich ng Kenny Rogers na na-phaseout around 2011/2012. Kaya rin naman gawin at home pero ayun, di rin dapat sa tasty bread :embarasslaff:

Nutella + raspberry or strawberry jam (maybe any kind of tart jam)

Nutella + banana slices :yummy:

crispy bacon + cheese + Kewpie mayo

palaman sa hot pandesal

  • itlog na maalat plus optional mayo
  • quezo ice cream
  • cream cheese at pesto

When it comes to liver spread, Reno talaga. Feeling ko nagkakasala ako pag hindi Reno ang binili ko :laugh:

Gusto ko din ng grilled cheese ni @LaEmanciputa. :heart_eyes: Pero lactose intolerant ako. So medyo hinay hinay sa dairy.


Mayo and liver spread
Sandwich spread
Sandwich spread and liver spread
Peanut butter and strawberry jam
Peanut butter and banana
Peanut butter and bacon
Peanut butter, bacon and banana or strawberry jam
Cheesewhiz and liver spread
Mayo, tuna, onions and celery on toast
Nutella, butter on toast
French toast

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masubukan nga yan


PB + banana. o kaya PB +J
tuna + mayo
chicken + mayo

sa Subway, meatball marinara chaka seafood and crab.

when I was living alone in KL at afford ko pa ang Nutella, i combine that with banana. lunch ko na yun sa office


Kani egg sandwich - mix crab sticks with Kewpie mayo + scrambled eggs + nori

Grilled cheese with hotdogs or pepperoni

Eggs in a basket - cut a small hole in the middle of a piece of french toast then pan fry. Add a sunny side up egg in the hole. Drizzle with honey and parsley.

Something like this:

images (1)


Tuna (just tuna + mayo)
Tuna Cheese-melt (tuna + mayo + slice of cheese; grilled/toasted)
Chicken (chicken strips + lettuce + mayo)
Egg (hard boiled egg/sunny side up + mayo + a dash of condensed milk)
Durian Jam

My burger only has:
Beef patty, cheese, mayo, lettuce

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PBJ (strawberry and guave jelly) - baon in a pinch
Roast beef (from subway and jimmy johns :embarasslaff: )
Cheese burgers - this is a sandwich lol
Mayonnaise or miracle whip sandwiches
Ham and cheese Quesadillas
Latik sandwich (aha gagawa ako mamaya)
Condensed milk sandwich
Grilled cheese! Melty yumminess!
Pag sinisipag, egg BLT: tomatoes, romaine lettuce, crispy bacon and sunny side up (exactly like the one Adam Sandler made in Spanglish) on slighted toasted sourdough or ciabatta whichever is handy


Yung corned tuna ng San Marino + Kewpie masarap.

Saka ang classic na butter + pandesal dipped in kape :yummy:


Mayo + Fiesta ham + queso de bola


Oh, almost forgot my favorite unhealthy sandwich – pancit canton sandwich!

Carbs on carbs! :laugh: But damn, I still crave it from time to time. Used to swear by Lucky Me!'s Chili-Mansi but I mainly use Extra Spicy now. :fire:

Can also be substituted with spaghetti or pretty much any noodle. :laugh:


yes na yes!