Request for new category

Can we add a category for Personal Finance? Would be nice to find and share tips in managing finances and investing.

Or should this just be a topic under an existing category, e.g. Life After UP?

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Perhaps we can just host them under LAUP for now? Let’s just transfer them them to a new category later on.


Ok :+1:

May process na ba for pitching new categories?

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Wala naman. Use the poll feature? Oops :zipit: :hahaha:

Pwede namang mag suggest, samahan na rin ng write-up :aprub:

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What about mental health issues Mami Mimi (feeling close?) where will it fall under?

Let’s put it under Health, Beauty & Lifestyle :slight_smile:

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I created an Intermittent Fasting thread under #fashion-beauty-lifestyle as well. Hesitated for a bit kasi wala pang health sa category name :laughing:

OMG! Hahaha!! My goodness, wala ngang health!! FB&L pala siya! Kala ko HB&L! Shucks! :hide: :embarass: shunga :hahaha:

Yes, let’s create a new one na haha! – Health & Wellness



Thanks mami!! Napapanahon din kasi dahil sa ecq, cabin fever is real. Lol

@mimi San pala magpopost ng invitations to events? Like say a tech meetup or a talk? Dun ba sa closest relevant category? (i.e. #computers-technology for a Python meetup)

Sa Peyups calendar dati kaso since wala ngayon, pwede namang sa closest relevant forum na muna.

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Wokie. May plug lang akong mapping event :grin: May calendar plugin pala ang Discourse (in case you haven’t seen it yet)

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