Reality TV Show Recommendations

May Catfish: The TV Show pa ba? Guilty pleasure ko kasi 'yun! Hehe.

Sa Netflix: Next In Fashion, RPDR, Queer Eye, Shark Tank
Sa Amazon: Making The Cut

Used to follow Project Runway, ANTM, The Voice and Survivor.

Have you tried Circle?

Not yet @usagi but is it good? :wink:

Di ako fan ng reality shows pero na enjoy ko yung Terrace House. Nasa Netflix to… fascinating talaga panoorin mga Japanese sa everyday life nila.:blush: Plus yung commentary group sa labas ng bahay kakatuwa.

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Circle is good. Mabilis din panoodin.

I am currently following Survivor S40: Winners at War and Top Chef All Stars Los Angeles. Still waiting for the new season of Amazing Race.

Terrace House : Boys and Girls in the City

It’s interesting to watch the Japanese cast’s social norms, particularly how they resolve disputes. They actually sit together and talk openly, unlike US reality shows na backstabbing.

I did not like Terrace House Aloha State (filmed in Hawaii). Have yet to watch the two other latest seasons filmed back in Tokyo.


Ugly Delicious is good, too. Genuine commentaries from its host, Dave Chang, though he can be overly racist. Liked the editing of each episode, never been bored even if they’re just talking about fried chicken. :sweat_smile:

THE CIRCLE US and UK! Mas bet ko yung UK kasi may political and social issues involved. Meron rin sa Netflix ng Brazil and France.

LEGO Masters :building_construction: nakaka-amaze ang brick building skills ng participants

Best time to go back and watch Survivor is now - All-Winners Season! :fire:

Survivor :headbang:

Terrace House, yes. :aprub: Couldn’t stop watching and I still follow some of them on IG. :embarasslaff:

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Try nyo yung STRONG sa Netflix.

Parang Biggest Loser na hinaluan ng Survivor “fire tokens” and konting drama. Basically, it’s about a group of unfit women paired off with America’s best fitness trainers.

Yeah! Fave ko si Lauren Tsai. Artistic si ate.

Amazing Race pa rin, kahit di ko na masyado nasusundan.

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Yehey may mga Terrace House fans din pala dito :hyper: BoysxGirls Next Door ang pinakafavorite ko (kahit 98 eps) kasi ito yung purest form ng TH for me.

Guilty pleasure ko naman ang Love Island UK, nakakasad lang ang nangyari kay Caroline Flack :bawling:

Queer Eye
Say Yes to the Dress
Shark Tank
Storage Wars
Amazing Race
Project Runway

Sorry panay luma :joy:

May bago sa Netflix, yung Too Hot To Handle. They will stay in an island pero bawal sila magsex. HAHA what a catch, eh ang hot ng mga contestants :rofl:

90 day fiancee. Such a delicious thrill to watch. Trainwreck after trainwreck. Cant look away :lol: :popcorn:

Pinanood ko to! :joy: Ang basura lang hahaha!
Kung andun ako (not that i will be anywhere near that island ever. Ever :joy:), ikakaltas ko kay Francesca lahat lahat. At si Haley, sabaw!

Sugar Rush
Nailed it