Raspberry Pi 400: the $70 desktop PC - Raspberry Pi

It’s gonna be more like $100 here but still cool though :open_mouth:


Whaaaaaaat?! :wow:

I have two Raspi 3B+. One for vintage gaming. The other for everything else: RaSpotify, CUPS printing, Telegram bot, Pihole, and [very light] browsing and Youtube watching. Also good for python experimentation. As for getting a Pi4… I dunno. Seems the jury is still out about the speed vs thermal performance.

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Nice. Thinking of getting a Pi 4 for home automation.

Get one! I have a 3B used primarily for Kodi, but it’s also used for torrent downloads and as a file server for our devices at home. It’s also used to keep files I’d rather not store on my phones and/or laptops.

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Where did you get yours by the way?

Sa Shopee ko nabili sa akin.

Also bought with the camera pero di ko pa nagamit.

Right now, I connected it to an old tv and use it to watch Youtube while working.

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Yung akin pinabili sa US noon. Taas din ng patong sa local sellers eh.

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Gaano katagal shipping? Or may friend ka bang umuwi tas pinadala mo lang?

Pinasabay ko lang nung nagpadala sila ng balikbayan box eh. Freeloader mode. Di ko nga maalala kung siningil ba kami at all. :joy:

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