Random things that remind you of someone/a moment in your life

What are the things that when you see/hear/touch/taste/smell/feel remind you of someone or a moment in your life?

It can be a former partner, a loved one who passed away, a former classmate, friend.

I’ll start…

I don’t drink coffee but I love the smell of it because it reminds me of airports, and traveling.

The song “Unwell” reminds me of my kabarkada in high school kasi yun daw ang song na relate sya that time nung nagkalabuan sila nung bf nya. They are happily married now. :happy:

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Sinigang - sabi kasi ni SO, mas masarap daw sinigang ko kaysa sa lola niya. That’s a big deal!

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Coffee reminds me of someone.

Moon and stars. Remind me of someone.
FB notifications /sound of FB Messenger chat message - Memories with my mom who passed away.


Owls, cherries, and hospitals remind me of my late mom.

The song Closing Time reminds me of UPIS. Kapag pinatugtog kasi ‘yun noong highschool kami alam mong tapos na ‘yung event sa multi-purpose hall. :hahaha: Walang kupas. @iellow @kepler_06

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7-11. My first bf and I used to just have our little dates at 7-11 after work. Usually masayang kwentuhan and then after na wala na kami, we would meet up in a 7-11 to confide in each other about life.

Last time we had something like that kamamatay lang ng mom ko. We can afford na a good resto or place to talk (we’re still good friends), we just went to the usual 7-11 outside my former apartment block.

Stars/star gazing reminds me of a good friend na madalas kasama ko mag star gazing sa Sunken nuon. Sobrang miss ko na sya kasi di na kami madalas mag-usap ngayon.

The smell of the OR (operating room) reminds me of my surgery rotation during medical internship. It was the first time my senior resident let me close a patient’s skin after an open appendectomy. Kakamiss din ang OR.

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Stargazing. Late night sundo. Secret meetings.

Reminds me of somebody that I used to know.

Sunken garden at UP Fair coz dun ako nagka first kiss at dun ako natuto magkiss

Time in a bottle - whenever i hear this song, sumasakit dibdib ko haha

Here’s Where the Story Ends - The Sundays. First time I fell in love.

• amoy ng safeguard white + original downey = amoy ng damit ex ko :joy: sya talaga naaalala ko pag naamoy ko ang combination na yan.
• stars/stargazing = ex ko pa rin. ang dalas namin tumambay sa lagoon noon para lang mag stargazing
• a bowl of pho = yung Vietnamese-Australian na naka-MU ko nung nag-aral ako sa Oz. pinagluto nya kasi ako before i left