Phone and social media addiction

I saw this on IG and made me think if I’m mindful of my phone and social media usage lately.

I do the following:

I avoid using my phone when I’m out with friends or family to be present. Sayang yung time and effort magkita-kita tapos puro phone lang inaatupag.

My SO and I don’t use our phones when we’re together unless there’s an emergency.

I turned off those annoying social media notifications.


Have you experienced being addicted to social media or phone use in general? How do you minimize it?


May rule kami ni SO na phone down if we are with other people, family, friends even if the one of us started to text or chat :slight_smile:

What I am stuggling now is not to hold my phone and read Peyups if I’m watching a TV. Need to focus more


Ang masasabi ko lang, shifting my attention from Facebook to Peyups has done me good :aprub:


Am addicted to screens in general. Spend upwards of eight hours on screens :scream_cat:

I don’t really log in sa Facebook so it’s good. Mostly addicted sa Twitter though peyups has been eating most of my time now. :joy:

I’m weak so I had to resort to Ulysses contracts with myself to control my addiction. I’ve installed an app that blocks my mobile browser and Twitter at night and during work hours. I can still disable it but there’s a 20 second timeout and it’s usually enough time for my conscience to kick in. :joy:

That said, those rules are sort of relaxed now. These are not normal times so I’m spoiling myself except pag may urgent work deadlines. :rofl:

On the app:
I use Actiondash. It’s got more features than Google’s Digital Wellbeing app. There should be something similar on iOS. Aside from blocking apps, it also tracks your usage patterns so you’ll know where your time goes (data stays on the device and isn’t uploaded if that’s a concern for you).


After reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, I’ve been trying to learn more about mindfulness. Social media overloads the mind with thoughts, stirs a lot of emotions and inflates the ego. Here are some things that I’m applying recently:

  • Turn off phone’s wifi before I sleep
  • When I wake up, I check my phone after ng morning routine (cr, hilamos, breakfast)
  • Nung nasa office pa ako nagwowork, I turn off my phone’s data when I need to focus. Usually after lunch.
  • Turn on the TV only when I need to watch Netflix, no TV surfing
  • Try to read more, or listen to audiobooks
  • Get news from news sites, not FB

Minsan naiisip ko mas ok yung social interactions nung 80s and 90s nung wala pang smartphones. People seem to be more engaged in conversations and look forward to get togethers. At hindi pede mang indian, pag sinabing mag memeet kayo ng 9am at a certain location, di ka pede mag message na magcacancel, so pupunta ka talaga. Even during family outings, nag-uusap talaga kayo and enjoy activities together.


Right now mas mahirap kasi walang social/physical interaction with others. But I do try to turn off my phone and WiFi by midnight and back on at 6 am. I also try to avoid touching my phone when out with friends and family.

What I did was, I deleted most of my soc med & messaging apps except Twitter , Messenger, and Telegram. Social media has been triggering my anxiety real bad. It gets me exposed to things which haunts me of my past and makes me out of focus for the day. And most importantly, social media really eats up your time. Lost time is time wasted. Proved to be helpful din.

For updates, mas nagt-Twitter ako. Telegram if I need to connect with my online buddies and messenger to chat with my real connections. Heck, I even prefer texting lol for the reason na para di ko makita na ‘seen’ or makitang ‘typing’. Kaso unfortunately, pag mga naka-iPhone yung kausap ko… wala hahaha.

If i want to login to Facebook, hindi rin nakasave yung password ko sa phone/laptop para kailangan ko pag maglagay ng password before I could log-in through my browser. Same with Peyups. Super addicted ako sa forum based discussion kaya mas okay sakin na sa browser ako magbasa. haha.

Edit: When dating or pag may kausap ako or pag may ka-meeting ako, I never even glance at my phone to check time. I have my watch for that. Taob lagi phone ko. Tho minsan, sabi nila, bad signal daw pag naggglance sa watch. But nope, I’d rather do it than look at my phone. Kaya super red flag sakin pag macheck sa phone when going out. hahaha


This is a good video to watch: phones and how tech companies design apps similar to slot machines to keep us glued to our screens.


Yeah. We should cut ourselves some slack din. These apps are specifically designed to exploit our psychology. We will succumb to them and it will take active effort just to ignore them.


Dati I used “forest” - you grow trees with the amount of time you’re off the phone. Katuwa rin.

But my current boss kasi likes sending everything through Whatsapp, and our office has Workplace, so by default, parang laging may need to check through phone (pag off na laptop). I don’t really like it but have to. With my past job (where I had to always connect with US colleagues) parang justifiable, but with my current, parang nakaka-stress yung always on.

Nung first week ng ECQ I felt so agitated kasi andaming notices (viber, whatsapp, workchat), so i turned off all notification, para hindi masyadong nakaka stress. Tapos ni-mute ko phone ko.


Oh, started using this while I was doing the thesis. Effective nung simula. Felt like a monster every time I killed a tree :scream_cat: I discovered whitelists though and the app is now useless to me. I still kept using it because the trees are cute.

Ang annoying nga nun :face_vomiting: Sa Android may app that allows you to batch schedule notifications. You can select which notifications will show up instantly and which ones are scheduled. I’ve scheduled my Facebook, Twitter, and other social media notifications to only show up every four hours. Not sure kung may equivalent sa iOS. So far it’s working naman. Nakaka-anxious din kas kung muted lahat ng notifs :laughing:

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Sa akin nakamute lahat ng social media notifs and group chats. Yung real convos lang naka-on.

Dati masyado akong into numbers of likes and hearts, tipong buburahin ko pag mababa yung number. Grabe I craved validation through virtual likes! Ngayon hindi na, I rarely post unless interesting or helpful yung gusto kong i-share.


As a personal rule, I never use my phone (except if emergency) when I’m with friends and/or out with family, even when they keep using theirs.

I spend a lot of time in Twitter and, now, Peyups. I don’t Facebook as much now kasi medyo toxic tapos I also like Instagram pero ang lakas kumain ng data, e. So, I don’t check there as much unless I’m connected sa wi-fi.


@itachi wala sa app store, sayang. nasanay kasi ako sa dati kong office na in-person ang mga usap. kahit yung tipong “did you get the email I sent you” lalakad yung boss ko papunta sa akin to ask. Nakakaistorbo din, pero natutunan na nya na pag nakasara door ko, kahit andun ako, bawal kausapin :hihi:

@BeachPatrol parehas tayo, ambabaw pero natutuwa ako pag madaming likes, to the point that i constantly think - pino-post ko ba ito to get likes (yah, i know, :loser:) i guess it’s human nature that you want to be appreciated. but i realized hindi naman yun primary purpose ko.

ngayon ang tina-try ko yung paggising sa umaga, mga after lunch na mag Peyups. so far, it’s a big fail. lakas kumain ng oras :hihi:


Kasi naman itong social media napupunan yung need natin to be seen. Di rin nakakatuwa yung paramihan ng likes lalo na pag contest sa school or promo ng brands.


Exactly. And my defense for Peyups, I guess, is I get smarter insights rin :winking:

I was kinda wondering how traffic will look like dito post ECQ


I also track my FB and IG use. Merong in-app tracker. Ang average ko sa FB lately ay 1.5 hrs while sa IG ay 15 mins.

Feeling ko active pa rin ako sa Peyups. Interesting kasi topics dito :grin:


Totally! :heart:

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Before the shift to the current department, I was with the public affairs office, which means that I have to monitor and be updated on things, thus the need to be online and onscreen. As in dinadala ko yung phone ko sa banyo. Pagkagising ko sa umaga, the first thing I pick up is my phone and the last thing I do before going to bed is to check for messages.

WIth the ECQ and the blurring of the lines between office and home, I really had to tell myself to shut down work related stuff at 8pm (except when there’s something urgent, which is madalas), and quit checking social media after 9pm (except Peyups hehehe).