Peyups user directory

Will the user directory be enabled? Or did something happen sa old peyups kaya disabled siya this time?

Disabled for anti-stalking purposes hehe


Oh, damn stalkers. Can’t have nice things because of them :smash:

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The privacy person in me thanks you.


What was the user directory before? May email address ba?

SKL once upon a time I received a mega emote email from a peyups member because I was seeing her ex. I’m thinking she somehow stalked me, found out who I was, emailed me through here.

SKL din na because I remembered this incident today, I forced my husband to tell me her real name this afternoon. I’d forgotten her name. And I just stalked her on facebook.

Checked yung user directories sa ibang Discourse sites at yung nasa directory pala ay same info na nasa Profile summary mo


It respects the privacy settings so no public profiles for those who opted to hide theirs. Hindi rin nakikita activity (unless you allow it) or other details (no email addresses) for privacy conscious people. Just aggregates for the community kung sino mga active users at other interaction stats (# likes given and received, read time, etc). Nothing personally identifiable. Please reconsider. Hehe.

I’m just curious, what would be the point of a directory (if there’s an option to hide profiles din) ?
Like for me, i interact with whoever would be replying to the thread that would interest me. Pero I wouldn’t go out of my way to check which posts they liked or how long they babad in peyups.

Or maybe hindi ko lang gets dahil di ako techie? :shrug: :hihi:

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Naging concerned din ako bigla baka nakikita na ang personal information ko. Salamat @mimi for clarifying.

As the privacy guy, disabling the directory is a better approach to limit exposure. Because of all the data that we scatter in the forums, it becomes easy to reidentify persons. While there may be no personally identifiable information, the data as a whole must still be considered personal information. PII is a Western concept that unduly restricts the concept of personal data.

Hiding the profiles allows you to maintain some level of anonymity, even in the forums, even if they don’t search your username to find out who you are.

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I do not remember having a user directory before. If ever there was, it would be limited to the list of nicks lang rin, just like the list of who’s online. It’s not been Peyups’ policy to divulge emails of the members. Walang ring send email option dati, or was it a private message?

Yes, kung ano rin nasa user profile, yun rin ang nasa user directory. Even if it’s public info allowed by the user, we’re still not enabling the user directory. Kung may gustong mag-stalk ng certain person, puntahan na lang niya yung profile, huwag na idamay yung ibang nasa user list.

Btw, Discourse also has the option to post full names of users. We disabled it as well.


For me, it’s a quick overview of the community. Also, a low intensity “leaderboard” of sorts (to see the most active users, etc).

But that’s just me. It’s good that other people are sharing what they think. It’s just a feature that I particularly like so I had to at least try to advocate for it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah, aggregate stats nasa directory btw, not specific likes. Activity information like specific posts can be found on your profile, that’s why some people disable theirs.

Thanks for the clarification ate @mimi! Hindi na po mangungulit. :slightly_smiling_face: I take it peyups had its share of stalking incidents in the past.

I like it too. It could be due to our background in software and online community management. But then, it’s a feature that has not much use to most of the members.

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Meron bang option na yung PM gets sent to email? It was so long ago, baka nga PM within peyups lang. I’d better shut up, when I checked facebook, fb friend mo pala sya. :rofl:

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