Peyups keyboard no jutsu ⌨

Note: Dunno where to put this so I’m putting it in the #computers-technology for now

I think we can all agree that we’re spending way too much time here and being efficient counts :laugh: This should shave a few minutes per session.:timer_clock:

Let’s begin… :zap:

Tired of moving your mouse to move from peyups section to section? Use these keyboard shortcuts to quickly jump around peyups sections

  • g,h Home
  • g,l Latest
  • g,n New
  • g,u Unread
  • g,c Categories
  • g,t Top
  • g,b Bookmarks
  • g,p Profile
  • g,m Messages
  • g,d Drafts

You can also use keyboard shortcuts for navigating while inside a topic or scrolling through the topic lists

  • uBack
  • #Go to post #
  • k/jMove selection ↑ ↓ (personally prefer this to scrolling down :laugh:)
  • oorEnterOpen selected topic
  • Shift+j/Shift+kNext/previous section
  • Shift+lGo to the first unread post

Quickly create posts without using your mouse :exploding_head:

  • cCreate a new topic
  • Shift+cReturn to composer
  • Shift+F11Fullscreen composer
  • tReply as linked topic (for when you want to reply but spin it off as a separate topic)
  • Shift+rReply to topic (reply to the original poster)
  • rReply to post (reply to specific post)
  • qQuote post

You can also bookmark posts with keyboard shortcuts (kung ayaw mo na makita yung dialog box nila :laugh:)

  • EnterSave and close
  • l,tLater today
  • l,wLater this week
  • n,dTomorrow
  • n,wNext week
  • n,b,wStart of next week
  • n,b,dNext business day
  • c,rCustom date and time
  • n,rNo reminder
  • d,dDelete bookmark

Searching’s possible too

  • /Move selection up and down
  • aInsert selection into open composer

Common actions like :orange_heart: posts and flagging (gotta keep the forum clean yo) have keyboard shortcuts as well

  • fToggle bookmark topic
  • Shift+pPin/Unpin topic
  • Shift+sShare topic
  • sShare post
  • lLike post
  • !Flag post
  • bBookmark post
  • eEdit post
  • dDelete post
  • m,mMute topic
  • m,rRegular (default) topic
  • m,tTrack topic
  • m,wWatch topic
  • Shift+uDefer topic
  • Ctrl+pPrint topic
  • Shift+aOpen topic admin actions

And here are some Discourse specific shortcuts.

  • =Open hamburger menu
  • pOpen user menu
  • .Show updated topics
  • /orCtrl+Alt+fSearch
  • ?Open keyboard help (for when you forget the keyboard shortcuts and don’t want to go to this topic :laugh:)
  • x,rDismiss New/Posts
  • x,tDismiss Topics
  • Shift+zShift+zLog Out (people do this? :wow:)

It’ll take some practice but I swear it’s totally worth it. :laughing: You’ll be jumping in and out of topics like a ninja in no time ninja_turtle_jumping


:wow: Ibang level talaga @itachi!

Salamat :+1:

Although feeling ko di ako masasanay gawin ‘to dahil mas madalas mobile ang gamit ko :sweat_smile: (not working from home / not usually in front of a computer)


:shock: and :notworthy:
At all the awesome keyboard kung-fu @itachi just dropped

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You don’t need to master them all. I use like 20% of these. haha. I rather like my mouse :laugh:

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Ang cute nung ninja :wow:

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@itachi rules! :headbang:

Ang galing! I’m practically useless without mouse. Kahit laptop gamit ko :embarasslaff:

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Lipat ko sa #site-feedback

Ang daming shortcuts to use and memorize, what I remember to use lang are going to the new and latest topic lists. Also, the list of keyboard shortcuts is also found under the 3 bar icon at the upper right corner…

Screen Shot 2020-05-02 at 5.02.50 PM


Whoaaah :wow: siguro gagamit ako nyan paisa isa haha. I usually try and get used to a few first before I do more. Galing!!! Thanks ninjaboy @itachi!

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Yung sa navigation lang din halos ginagamit ko. Saka likes at bookmark din pala :laugh:

For some reason, iba yung laman ng hamburger menu sakin


Though puwede rin pala siya i-access anywhere with ? :exploding_head:

Thanks for sharing @itachi !

I think based pa sa Google Reader yung inspiration for the keyboard shortcuts, and Gmail, or course.

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Oo nga eh. Never did get around to using keyboard shortcuts on Gmail though. :joy: I’m just glad they added it here. Hassle magclick ng buttons minsan. Especially sa bookmarking button ngayon.