Personality: Maria Ressa

Found guilty by RTC of cyberlibel. :frowning:

Tatakbo na yan sa US :smiley:

Appointments of Judge Montesa’s husband, Keng’s daughter do not affect integrity of verdict against Ressa —Roque (via GMA News)

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Sino bang niloloko niyan ni roque lol

Check out Maria Ressa’s Rappler’s Trust Score haha

Page 100: Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2020

I hope she wins the appeal!

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BBC Hardtalk :smiley:

2021 edit:

Is democracy dead again? Asking for a friend :smiley:

College professor sues Maria Ressa, Rappler reporter over article alleging ‘thesis for sale’

And a Nobel Peace Prize award later… Yay Maria Ressa!

babalik pa kaya sya sa pinas? :smiley:

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