Personal Thoughts: Why do girls fall in love after sex?

Or do they really? I need an answer.

Do girls really fall in love after sex? Or they just want to console themselves by trying not to feel cheap and sluttish.

I sometimes want to believe it to be that way. Girls don’t want to create an impression that they just want sex. They feel that a fuck-and-forget event downgrades them and the only cure they could think of, to make up for that one night of fluid exchanges, is to meet the guy again and create a make-believe scenario that something more than the physical existed between her and the guy. And so, she calls.

“You know, I couldn’t sleep when I got home last night. I was thinking of what happened. I’m bothered, I think we need to talk. Can we meet?”

It couldn’t be love. It’s vanity or guilt. Whatever. But surely, it’s not love.

I really don’t know why. That’s why I’m asking.

Why do girls fall in love after sex?

Is it really love that they feel? Or they just blind themselves by trying to feel in love when all they feel is lust?

I know I won’t get an honest answer. Girls are prudish when it comes to matters regarding sex. I know it’s difficult for them to admit that they feel horny. And even if the guy has already explored every square inch of her bareness, a girl would still find it hard to say to him that “Hey! I’m wet. Can we do it again?”

I’m not speaking from experience. I’m not a sex-god and my words are not authority. In fact, it is in that essential component of life that I’m very much inexperienced. But I’m not ignorant. I get bothered by the fact that girls could not have sex and not fall in love, or not call the next day, or at least, understand that not all men do it for love.

Think of the movies and imagine that quarrel scene between a man and a woman. They are yelling at each other. Suddenly, a man grabs the woman by the nape and sucks her lips with passion. Then the girl resists, desperately trying to free herself from the arms of the man. And then her hands that were just hitting the man with little punches suddenly tranquilize themselves and begin passionately stroking the man’s nape. And then they go on to having carnal acts. Butterflies hop from flower to flower. Sunset by the seashore. Winds gently blowing the branches of the tree by the window. Next scene: The girl’s head is rested upon the man’s chest (if I were in the man’s place, my upper body might have already gone numb) and they’re both asleep. And then both of them wake up almost at the same time and the girl looks happier than usual. She wraps her arms around him, looks into his eyes, and then she asks the man:

“Do you love me? “

That’s why I ask. Why do girls fall in love after sex?

True, what are in the movies are not always true. But then let us not fool ourselves by disputing the facts. Girls actually feel something for the guys they had sex with. Hate my female friends for having told me this. Or if they don’t, they would find ways for them to meet again. Creepy. And the more desperate they sound, the scarier it becomes.

“I miss you.”

“I can never forget you.”

“About what happened last night, it was very special for me.”

Nuts. A “Thank You” would have been better. I’m sorry, I have to be rude again. Love is love and sex is sex. Making love is another thing. But if what occurred was purely sex, then it becomes scary when a guy receives a message the next day that he is missed or something like that.

Why can’t girls have sex and not fall in love afterwards?

Isn’t it unfair? If both of them enjoyed what they did, then why can’t the girl just leave the guy in peace? Does sex bind another to follow it up with an amorous relationship?

I’m not trying to create an impression that girls are going crazy over me because I am a porn-quality kind of a worker or I am someone so desirable that girls would try to trap me using their fallopian tubes. I don’t speak from experience. I’m not a personification of machismo. I don’t boast a record of having gone to bed with unusually big number of girls. I’m not even a good seducer. All right, I’m quite a loser. But then, I still wonder. Why do girls fall in love after sex?

I’m not here to make a mockery of women who are easy preys to the natural needs of men. I just need an answer to my question. Why do girls fall in love after sex?