Personal Thoughts: Solo Flight

It was a usual Friday night-out with him. He picked me up in my last evening class and we headed to a classy restaurant. All perfect. He in his casual buttons-down shirt and cargo pants and me in my all-time favorite wrap-around thong and an ethnic tank top. I could say we’re the best partners in the world! He is Romeo and well, I am Juliet.

He ordered for Vegetarian Pastrami and a glass of calamansi soda. I took a Seafood Pomodori and a glass of jasmine tea. It didn’t take him a second to gaze into my eyes. His were prying and invading. His eyes alone could touch inside me. Then I was locked into his. I felt as though I was waiting for something to come, something I could never name, but which he could only give.

He took my hands and kissed them passionately. He stroked each finger then traced the inside curve of my palms – oblivious of the people watching us. Without words – he was starting to complete the unfinished project we were to discuss. It seemed forever – until our food was ready to be served.

He smiled with an indication of too much longing. He almost dropped off his spoon on the floor as I squeezed his hand. The warmth in my palms melted on his. It gave him shivers and exquisite sensations he can only describe – but I can unmistakably see in his eyes. He bit his lips as I sipped from my glass to quench my thirst.

He too was thirsty – but more than I ever do, or will ever be. With so much hunger and manhood frailty, he was so incompetent of even pushing the spoon into his mouth. Inseparable from the heroine he was seeing underneath my clothes, he quickly finished his meal – and walked to the secret room where he had released his uncontrollable investment.

Leaving his moist chair he previously occupied, I gulped down my tea and finished it to the bottom. Finally I became aware of the world around me. I had noticed how the place was fully packed like a dungeon of innocent captives. Everybody looked the same with each of us exuding the same level of romantic imbalance.

The evening was so enticing. The face of the moon was so inviting. The skies were abundant with trinkets of stars. They were so encouraging. The music surrounding the room was so much the voice of the fertility deity – begging for her clan to reproduce and perform the ritual of first rites. I checked my calendar if I was ready – then he appeared. I was caught ransacking my bag for a piece of an elastic bond we would be needing soon.

He asked me to go out of the place and guided me to his car. His hands were coiled on my waist as we went out of the room. He couldn’t care less, much more he couldn’t control his desire. He had been asking me to do it for months but I always hesitated. I had initially doubted him. I didn’t trust him amidst his angelic face and his honest bearing.

Tonight was different. I knew it from the moment I rested my behind on his passenger’s seat. I knew he would flare up like an angry cub hunting for his prey. His would be a heavy meal, which would satiate his hunger forever. He wouldn’t be looking for another raven for he had captivated the meatiest flesh he could ever find this side of the planet. He had the guidance of the gods and the goddesses that night. His prey was all too willing to give in. She was willing to give her all just for tonight.

I was trapped in his spellbound cage. He won over me. For once I decided to subject myself to his power but only for this uneventful night – and the memory will last until eternity folds up. Just for tonight…

He leaned closer and put his mouth on mine. I didn’t move but I was startled to find when my mouth opened and felt his tongue reached inside my mouth. I backed off. He insisted - this time he was more careful not to hurt me. He wanted me to relax and enjoy. He wanted me to experience the first rite of ecstasy with his own adeptness.

He flicked his tongue along my lips. He kissed me again, gently exploring the roof of my mouth and its edges. He traced my jaw and found the small mole on my lower left cheek. He encircled it with disproportionate sucking and smacking. I felt some shivers and weakness of my bones as he marveled in that area. I was feeling differently inside out. Then he proceeded to search for my ear. He bit and swallowed the hallow part of my earlobe. He nibbled it once more. It was so incredible – I gasped for breath and giggled. Then he returned to my mouth again.

I could not hear my own sounds anymore. I lost myself in the high-tide pleasure. I didn’t realize I was butt naked while he was agonizing with his prodigious manhood extended. I felt all the rush in the world. The thrust, the flow and the exchange of blood, sweat, fragrance and wetness – all making the experience so memorable. We were becoming one together under the solitary parking space.

I moaned when he drew my nipple into his mouth and I felt a rush of heat throbbing in his loins, as well as in mine. He was just calmed and so providing. I was all welcoming and subordinating to his movements. With his one long finger he entered through the moist passage and applied pressure up and down, filling the mound with devastation and flood. I suddenly arched back, beckoning him to fill the emptiness, he could only give immortally.

As I arched back to receive him, he entered himself and pressed farther. He drew back and plunged into the deep suction of my womanhood. I wrapped my legs around him as he drove again and again and again…

Then, I heard a knocking on the door. At first it was a slow unprecedented motion then it became congested, uniformly hard presses.

Instantaneously I pulled out a tissue from its holder and wiped my middle finger. I hid the instrument under the creases of my bed sheets. I got up from my bed – fully awake, tired but partly complete. I ironed out my crumpled nightdress with my throbbing hands. With an annoying grin and shaking legs I drew myself to the doorknob. Alas it was my older sister who kept on banging the door. Pussy – sh*t

Arrgggh…I had almost come.

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