Personal Thoughts: I Hate My Pretty Face and My C-Cup Bra Size

Yes I do. No, I ain’t kidding.

I know you’re probably thinking that i’m a foolish lil twit who wouldn’t know luck if it bites her in the neck. Sure, I have something every girl wants to have, but that isn’t an assurance of happiness right?

Since that miserable day that I was born, my butt has been pinched approximately 50 times. My right breast, clinically speaking, still has a bruise after a guy, an a-hole if i may add, “accidentally” elbowed it. Perverts shout at me obscenities which could make Dr Rizal turn in his grave.

And you call me lucky. Fun huh?

Let me point out that my last statement was intended to be sarcastic. Yes, I know that you know.

Hell, this isn’t luck, this is suffering. Lord, if you’re listening right now, could you puhleez reduce my jugs’ size, or better yet, just deflate it. Promise, I’ll be a good girl(well, I’ll try).

I’m fed up already. I’m tired of being treated like a slut just because I have large you-know-what. I can’t and I won’t put up with them anymore.

Guess what I do when some hornyasses holler at me? I point the dirty finger at 'em and say, with a dazzling close-up smile, “Sorry, I don’t smoke. Try masturbation.”

Shocked? Well, a girl does what she has to do. To hell with propriety. To hell with sense of decorum. Kindness begets kindness just as disrespect begets disrespect. Throw me a stone and I’ll throw back bread which is, take note, inside a 10-ton glass jar covered with spines.

No more miss nice girl.

I hope I didn’t give you the impression of me being a “palengkera” type (no offense to all the palengkeras out there). It’s just that I have to draw the line somewhere. Even saints have their limit, and this girl’s no saint I’m telling you.

Though most guys see me as a walking pair of boobs and legs, there are still some decent types left. I’ve noticed that the “bastos” ones are usually uneducated and sex-deprived, as opposed to my dear UPean guys who are gentlemen.

I’ve been called beautiful, sexy, charming, attractive, mysterious, the superficial list of adjectives goes on and on… but never intelligent. That is probably the biggest insecurity that I have. The last thing that I wanna be is a stereotypical maganda-nga-pero-bobo-naman type of girl.

All I want is to have my wits appreciated. To be respected. Is that a crime people?