Password Managers

Which do you prefer, and which work across devices (PCs, mobile devices, etc.)?

Currently gamit ko yung McAfee TrueKey pero pag tinigil ko na yung subscription kay McAfee titigil na rin to. Iniisip ko aling free alternative kaya ang ok? Considering passwords tong mga to e, mahirap ma-compromise.

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I personally use Lastpass and I haven’t had any problems with it. Wirecutter recommends Bitwarden.

It has a free version but the Premium version’s only $10 per year.

The one in my iPhone, yung native sa iOS, works for me right now

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McAfee TrueKey did not work well for me.

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For mobile, I’m also using the built-in one in my iPhone. For PC browsers, I’m using the latest version of MS Edge and its built-in password manager.

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1Password gamit ko since dati, hindi ko na maalala why I chose it pero since andun na lahat I just stuck with it :laugh:


Ang clunky pati ng TrueKey! Di bale sana kung panalo UI nya lalo pa at bayad na product hahaha!

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I’ve been using Lastpass for several years though recently switched to Bitwarden. Both are fine for most users, especially if it helps encourage users to use complex passwords/phrases that are not reused.


1Password! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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+1 for 1Password. Medyo mahal pero ok gamitin.