Pandemic and your kid's schooling

I am putting this topic here since I am interested to hear other parents’ thoughts on how the pandemic will change your kid’s schooling. Especially this coming SY.

My son, who is 4yo, is supposed to start pre-Kinder this sy. He passed the interview early this year and we already made reservations. Then covid happened. I just heard from the school that they are cancelling pre-K classes and they will just refund whatever fees we’ve paid for.

So now, I’m looking for modules. Isisingit ko pa ito sa wfh set up. Feeling ko easier yung distance learning for bigger kids. Pero for preKinder, pano magtuturo ng pagsusulat via online teaching?

Anyway, I know a couple of parents who are also having a hard time dealing with this scenario. Kayo, how are you dealing with it?


This is super hard for me kasi dalawa lang kami sa buhay ng anak ko.

Sabi ng school nya, mostly online ang classes, na may assigned individual work offline. She is 11yo, and will start grade 7 this school year. She has always been responsible with her home works, projects, presentations etc. Kaya lang ang worry ko is mas maraming parent intervention ang kailangan if all online lang. I work full time and usually im out of the house from 8am to 8pm. So hindi ko siya matututukan.

So far sa school fees published, same pa rin, wala namang ibinaba just because online na ang classes.

So it looks like i will enroll her, but no promise of additional parental help at home.


This topic brings me so much anxiety. But decided I will still enroll my kid this year, her school sent online packets on how they plan to execute the lessons daily - synchronous, asynchronous and learning packets. May schedules na din so they still have the flag ceremony at start of the day. 1.5hrs of asynchronous lessons using their learning packets, think seatwork. Then a 2hour synchronous lesson a day. Then after lunch may 2hour consultation with teachers. Parents are asking if they can do a dry run ng makalma kame but like @ninibeLLes I can’t commit to homeschooling. Some parents have decided to do homeschool nalang but majority of us from last year’s class are still looking at enrolling.

@Skela96c from my pov and experience mas madali magturuan pag younger only because the lessons.are something you can very much handle. Take for example some parents na jr high ang kids and they say homeschooling is off the table 101% cos baka di nila masupport properly ang kids nila. Haven’t seen a sample homeschool curriculum but I also get where they’re coming from. Just search a sample syllablus maybe? Or just check what skills sana ang ituturo sa pre-k and start from there. Mostly skills based pa naman yan.

To add, this summer I created some learning modules for my kiddo. Masigabong google search ang pagbabasa. Basically I looked for “topics” na normally covered for her grade level. Admittedly mahirap sa Pinas so may ibang sources ako US curriculum then I do the Filipino equivalent example they do US geography, so mga regions ng Philippines ang hinahanap ko ng na topics. Hope this helps or ping ping :hahaha: dito nauubos oras ko now.


Right. Tama naman. Naisip ko bigla pano kung ako magtuturo ng trigo/calculus/physics… :erm: nope. Uwian na :embarasslaff:

Honestly, feeling ko kasi hindi ako “equipped” to teach. Not just with the teaching props, pero yung psych mismo. At hindi din kasi ganun ang dynamics naming mag ina. I’m his playmate :grimacing:

Jusko. Hindi ko nga maalala how I survived HS. Lol. Yun lang ang worry ko talaga, wala ako gaanong value add sa pag-aaral nya. Baka masabihan pa ng school na hindi kasi natututukan sa bahay.

I’ve seen some sample workbooks for grade 7 students but I haven’t had the chance to go through them. Ni-download ko pa lang. Sa next rest day ko, will review and have them printed out.

Naisip ko, turuan ng life skill as supplement, but again, wala naman ako sa bahay para magturo. Her aunt and uncle said they will gift her with a small sewing machine - kasi right now they are also starting to leatn how to sew. Baka pwede ko mai arrange na weekend lessons with them if hindi sila busy.

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Yes to life skills! Home economics!

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Sa life skills kame mabagal. Takot ang bagets, mag crack lang ng egg biglang “mommy, naghuhurt fingers ko di ko ma open!” Tapos tumutulo na yung egg whites sa kung san true story :hahaha: Baby kase ng lola :roll_eyes:

Anyways, sa pagtuturo naman ako confident nung younger sya. But once she stepped foot sa big school bigla ako na lost. Hinde kase ako nag aaral nun :smash: so honestly I don’t want to push her to study too. Ang usapan namin basta naiintindihan nya at pasado sya. Tapos may feeling bigla ng inferiority sa ibang parents pag puro awards ang bagets nila tapos muntil nang palakol grade ng anak ko. Pasado nga naman, yun lang naman usapan namin :smile: sorry napahaba na, ibang topic na :grin:

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Have you guys thought of transferring to public school? Especially now na wala namang face to face classes?

@ninibeLLes may mahaba akong post sa fb about this. Will enroll the kiddo, same school.