Ozark (TV Series)

I’m a fan of the understated excellence of this show

Astig at swabe as always si kuya Jason Bateman. And I find myself pleasantly surprised by Laura Linney.


  1. Id watch anything wiith Jason Bateman in it amd Laura Linney is excellently cast
  2. It filled a Breaking Bad shaped hole in my life only instead of a chemistry genius we have a savvy accountant. So definitely interesting premise.
  3. Solid first season for me, season 2 was a bit clunky.
    4 stars!
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They shot it in a bluish-grey hue to kinda lend a grittiness to the overall visual.
And I guess it works on me in a way.
Kasi there’d be points while watching where I find myself feeling a slight urge to take a shower

I think deliberate din to cast seemingly ‘real’ looking actors.
None of those perfect specimens who seemingly won the genetic lottery.

So kapanipaniwala na redneck/hillbilly talaga yung nakikita mo.

I love this show! And I’m fascinated by Julia Garner aka Ruth Langmore. I didn’t know she’s from New York. Kala ko talaga she’s a southern lass :laugh:

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