Online Classes

My daughter’s so worked up that her school still “tries” to conduct classes despite its seeming constraints to successfully do so. Mabuti pa daw sa Ateneo ni refund ang tuition.

I think the online mode for classes / class requirements are sort of good though. Unlike nung panahon ko na lahat i s submit physically (like kunin ang readings kay Ate Gina ng BA :slightly_smiling_face:). I wonder though what you’re missing by doing most “online“

Naka-experience ba kayo ng parehas na medium? If yes, how do you find online?


I specialize in learning technologies pero di pa rin naman ako biased. I have experienced using online teaching and learning in my graduate and postgraduate classes. It makes you work at your own phase and teaches self efficacy. I must admit na kulang ng interactiOn if asynchronous yung mode. Iba pa rin yung may kausap talaga. So ayun, sana institutions would allow video calls and zoom classes basta controlled and monitored yung environment.

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Hi @arwen! Long time! :wave:

So on online classes — I’ve done them as a lecturer and have had (partial) experience with them as a student.

Details: I did some online lectures for the first part of my class at a winter Uni program as I was in Europe then. My students were from various Latin American countries. The requirement was for students to write a paper at the end of the term, which paper was to be sent via e-mail. So that was very manageable. I note though that when I was doing the online lecture, students only raised 1-2 questions at the end of the class. When I was in Argentina, however, for the second part of the same winter program, the students asked so many questions/clarifications and raised so many points for discussion that the class went on overtime. So, such interaction and “active” participation was missing in the earlier part.

While I was still doing my doctorate, it was pretty standard to have some online classes. While some law classes at my Uni in Germany would be conducted in person, one doesn’t really need to show up for them----the materials are all uploaded in the professor’s/subject’s Uni webpage. One just has to show up at the end of the semester for the exams, if there are written in-class exams (the alternative class requirements would be term papers and case problems). As a student, I preferred learning on my own but that’s because I’m a closet introvert and I always tend to doze off during lectures. I feel like—scratch that: I know that—I could cover more content and retain more if I study on my own. Should I have Qs and clarifications, I’d just write an email and ask for a consultation or show up at a class intended for such purposes (i.e. for discussions and problem solving). Methinks it’d be great for institutions to offer online learning platforms AND to provide a channel for consultations and discussions as well.


Thanks for sharing @rhye @Gesundheit. Ako nainggit talaga kasi walang ganito ng panahon ko na wordstar pa ang uso :joy:

My realization I guess is that similar to work from home (which is also “new” to PH), for this to be effective, a certain level or maturity is needed. Kaya siguro for HS students medyo challenge.


I’m doing blended learning and online classes (during the quarantine). While it is a good alternative right now, our communication facilities aren’t fit for it. In some cases we want to have synchronous classes and follow class schedules. However, both students and teachers might not have strong internet from home to accommodate real-time discussions. If we decide on doing asynchronous, it takes a lot of intrinsic motivation from the student to really engage.

Online submissions, on the other hand are good. I use online submissions to give my students more time and handle papers on my own (no one will live papers at the faculty or hand me papers while I’m walking on campus). However, some students also reason out connectivity for late submission.

So ayun, maganda sya. Pero minsan talaga wala akong mapaglagyan pagdating sa mga rason ng students.


I took online courses to for a professional enrichment course. It takes a lot of discipline to complete course requirements kasi you have to do balancing ng work, family, chores, and school.

Malaking factor din yung instructor - like I have one na sobrang accessible and even gave his telephone number should the need arise to talk to him. May isa naman na puro e-mail lang ang correspondence. Mostly the materials are posted online and may textbook na kasama. There was this one course though that the instructor videotaped uploaded his lectures, so that was helpful.

Interacting with my classmates is one thing that’s really lacking for me. I feel, it would’ve been a great help if I was able to have yung physical discourse or kahit real-time man lang.

Pero to me discipline talaga yung key.


Not online pero for a certification course (2 years), I needed to study on my own with reading materials and sample exams. Sabi nga ni @calvinlucas, kailangan ng discipline. And because there was a timeline attached to it, I needed to pace it properly kasi ginawa ko sya on top of my day job. So may schedule ako na sinusunod and goals na matapos which part by when.

Ngayong lockdown I tried studying Macros for excel online . Tagal ko na gusto gawin to more than a decade na and thought of even enrolling sa actual class. Pero buti nalang nakakita ako ng maayos na online course sa internet naiapply ko agad sa work ko. Ok naman same principles lang - maayos na pacing, timeline and the commitment to finish. Nagbunga naman.


I took my Masters degree from UPOU, so distance learning and online for almost two years. Swak siya sakin kasi I prefer independent learning. Ang ginagawa namin at the start of the sem ibibigay yung syllabus tapos may mga prof na walang paki sa structure basta matapos yung modules. Meron din kaming weekly discussions using Moodle and yung mga projects and assignments lahat online. Pag finals either online or sa preferred UP campus.

Nameet ko lang classmates and profs ko in person nung graduation :slight_smile:


I started taking online classes nung 2013 for work. May non-credit course with the University of Maryland for business/entrepreneurship so I took it. At first, ang hirap kasi hindi pa sanay tapos I was traveling so I have to make time for the classes even if I’m tired. That ran for about a year. Yung next sana for finance kaso, had some major family stuff going so pass muna.

Late 2017 ulit ako bumalik sa online learning while I was on maternity leave. I took up advanced Chinese so I can take HSK 4 (muna). I liked the system used by the university (I enrolled in Shanghai but live in Shenzhen), may sarili silang classroom app tapos yung teacher ko magaling. It also helped she can be contacted by phone. I passed the test in 2018.

Last year naman, I decided pwede na ako mag level up to 5 or 6 so nag-apply ako for the test for HSK 5 na dapat last February 9. Because of the pandemic, cancelled yung exam. I used the refund for my current classes in another college naman pero here lang in our region. So far so good.

Like most of the posts here, you need the discipline to do the work and I also have to inform my family about my online class schedules para maayos din schedules namin sa bahay. Same din noon, with work, I have to inform my colleagues na may online classes ako at a certain time. Malungkot at first kasi sanay ako may classmates in a physical classroom setting, pero later on mas trip ko one-on-one kasi mas nakakafocus ako. Plan namin after this pandemic, meet daw kami ng class ko. Ako lang at yung teacher yung girl sa class tapos diverse nationalities so should be interesting to finally meet them.