On Sitting

May nabasa ako nuon na sabi ay sitting daw ang bagong smoking. Since am :type: buong araw, any suggestions on healthy practices?

Suggestions on standing desks din? Sa dati kong work excited kami lahat nung nilagyan ng adjustable tables tapos after one week nakaupo na lahat :rotfl: sakit sa paa tumayo buong araw. Looking for a reasonable alternative dito sa Pinas. Thanks!

Arwen :lol:


Same here. I try to take a break every 30 mins pero minsan nakakalimutan ko pag nakafocus sa work.

Sa dati kong OJT, merong app na nakainstall sa computer na magpoprompt na magbreak every 30 mins. Pag di mo ginawa marerecord na di ka sumusunod sa safety measures. May mga checks din kung paano ka umupo, setup ng computer kung tama ba, basically making it all ergonomic.

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May nakita ako before, exercise ball yung gamit niyang office chair.


Nung preggers ako, I borrowed a friend’s exercise ball. It did help though kasi I’m always in front of the computer lalo na when I’m on editing mode. Right now, the kid keeps me moving from time to time.

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My roommate in my old office does that. Apparently, thing yun dun sa dati nyang office.

In my case, when am stuck on something that I am working on (i hate blinking cursors when am stumped on something am working on–it mocks me), I stand and walk around the office, or refill my huge-ass water bottle (my staff calls it a pitcher), or follow up on things.

The reason I wear a fitness tracker is for me to track how many steps I have walked that day, so mej pressure din yun to stand and walk around.

I have a colleague who works in the office across the hall who goes to my office during lunch hours, so we can walk around the office building.

Dahil WFH ngayon, I really endeavor to exercise.

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I timebox my work sessions. Mga 25 minute bursts followed by five minute breaks. Works surprisingly well with the Forest app. :deciduous_tree: I usually stand up and walk around during those breaks.

I also have idle alerts enabled on my Mi Band. Buzzes me when I stay stationary for more than an hour :laughing: Can be annoying at times but it works :laugh: