New Names

Might be a controversial question but have to ask:

Is it good or bad that we’re not seeing new names posting (or baka naman ako lang)? Like the people we read are people we know from the old boards (except @itachi :lol:)

Don’t get me wrong, I like the feel of familiarity, seeing people I know online. I also don’t mean that older members should not be active. But was just wondering kung walang bagong mems na nag-p-post, bakit kaya? :shrug:

I’m not always on the boards the way others are so I might be wrong din :hihi: Don’t make away me ha. Am just thinking aloud :slight_smile:


Interesting question!

I consider myself a new name too, because I was an active lurker on the old Peyups, but now a more active poster. :laugh:

Some thoughts:
-Among the existing pool, based on @kepler_06’s latest report (as of Apr 23), about 10% (out of n=141) are from student number 2010 onwards. I would consider them as the “new mems” since they were not able to experience the old Peyups. Their number is relatively small (let’s say 15-20 people), so I also don’t expect to see much from them, but I’m not sure if I even see any at all :thinking: From a motivational standpoint, we go back to what Peyups means to us. I personally am here for nostalgia, I just want to re-live those days… plus I’ve known Peyups to be a safe space for voicing oneself out… plus I’m always interested to hear varied voices (coz I love listening to consumers as a market researcher :laugh: ). To that point, I’m not sure if new mems have the same triggers and level of drive for being here.
-The other thing is of course growing that segment of members from younger batches. Not sure if there is a conscious effort to recruit them. Then again, even if they signed up, will they have the same drive to be active on Peyups, knowing that there are several platforms for the young millennials/ Gen Z where they can express their opinions - whether UP or non-UP related topics. Maybe it will be good to hear from those new mems so we know what attracts them to Peyups, what makes them post, what turns them off, etc…
-Now if we talk about the rest of the 90% (which I suppose are likely returning mems), naturally we expect to see posts concentrated to certain mems (Pareto principle), so that’s a given. I personally know 2-3 people who are returning mems… I know they were lurkers in the past, and apparently continue to be lurkers up to today :embarasslaff:

To answer the question, is it good or bad… really depends on the individual’s objective for being here
-As I said, I’m here partly for nostalgia, so it seems good to me so far. The question now is, is it sustainable, not sure, maybe not.
-As for being able to voice out my opinions, all good too
-As for getting varied voices, this is where Peyups might fail, because to @arwen’s point, it’s becoming so familiar… that you may already be able guess what each person might have to say - now that doesn’t serve my purpose to some extent

That’s for individual objectives, not sure if there is even an organization/ community objective set by the admins hehe I mean, are there any active plans to expand the membership pool, and to specifically cater to the younger batches, etc.


Ni-retire ko na yung dating nick ko sa old site.

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fully agree. i was actually looking for the “larger” discussions na andun sa old boards, like that lengthy smart discussion on The Matrix :lol: I do understand we can choose what we read but I guess wala ako masyado content na mabasa now (vs before). pero yun nga, that’s my need, not necessarily the community’s. :hihi:


I’m a 2010 newbie, only read articles in the old Peyups, did not have an account back then. I personally think it’s bad for the forum that people from 2010 onwards are not joining/being active kasi nga di na nagiging “varied” yung discussions, or nagiging somehow predictable kung sino-sino sasali sa discussion? IDK.

Was there an effort inviting people to join in the old Peyups? I tried to ask my friends to join, but only one did but did not become active. Malaking factor talaga yung pagkakaroon ng maraming social media channels ngayon, and it’s difficult to be active in all of them. I guess people from my batch and younger prefer FB/IG ¯_(ツ)_/¯ seeing how booming the discussions are in university-specific FB groups, the latest one I was invited to is called a group where we pretend to be in up diliman na pwedeng maging thread naman dito sa peyups.

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off topic: uy kaka mention din lang sa akin ni @itachi ng group na yan :slightly_smiling_face:

on topic: yah, probably it’s variety i’m really after. kaya ako nagtanong. in particular wanted to read more from younger people, selfish reason is because I have a teenager :lol: Kaya rin siguro enjoy ko yung ibang Facebook groups kasi I like reading from people who are a lot less like me?


Minsan, feeling ko saling pusa ako :laugh: Like being at a party na magkakilala halos lahat ng tao. Most people have been nice so far, but as a new user, it really takes a lot of effort to participate since most of the topics are about things that happened sa old peyups or about parenting and upper middle age stuff :v:t3:

I know most of you have history and memories of peyups but as a new user, hindi ko alam pano lumugar. I don’t have enough context to participate in most discussions. I can make new topics but then wala naman kausap. I was lucky enough na friendly mga tao at maingay at makulit ako (even after inaway ako ni @arwen :laughing:) but others might not be as motivated.

As for motivations for staying here, I’ve always been curious about the old peyups since I missed its peak. Always liked forums, too. I mostly stayed here for the badges during the first few days here. I don’t think I’m in the majority though. We need a hook to get new users here. Have recruited some friends pero mostly post and run din sila (if they even post at all).

There’s also the question of friction. Most people won’t bother making an account for a new site. Baka kelangan i-enable yung Facebook, Twitter, Google and other social login/signup options. That is, if we want to encourage more users to join the site.

I agree with this too. Peyups as it is skews toward a certain demographic talaga. Which is understandable since yung oldies naman ang core users ng peyups. Without them, wala namang reason for this existing at all. Kelangan lang ng room to cultivate new users seguro.

Interested in this as well.

I’ve personally experienced this. Need more techies :laugh:

Baka nga puwedeng sariling subforum/category din yun. Magulo ata masyado kung isang topic/thread lang. heh. Though challenge din yun sa moderators. :laugh:

The challenge is how to draw them here, I guess. Malaking barrier to entry din yun account creation (kids are lazy :laugh:).

Though I’m very interested to know kung ano goals ng peyups version na ito. So we can all react accordingly :slight_smile:


This is me. Excerpt for Peyups :hahaha:

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Plus 1 sa lahat ng posts dito hehe.

Napansin rin namin, same-same ang posters. But then. even the old ones, hindi na rin bumalik after signing up anew. Maybe too busy? Maybe gusto na lang mag-lurk?

I remember in the old Peyups, we would post posters rin on waiting shed and bulletin boards to promote the site then eh. Tapos members then would invite others because may mga nice discussions nga that their friends can participate in. Eh dahil walang pasok, walang ganap?

Interesado pa ba ang mga kabataan sa mga thought-provoking discussions o puro selfies and tiktok vids na lang sila? :dunno:


A large part of the supposed traffic that would be attracted to this site would be just as happy posting on Facebook.

Kaya naman i-boost ang traffic, pero kailangan ng either ng dedicated push and/or unique na catalyst.

What has over most of the things on fb would be the articles.
Yung tipong longform reads that cater to the online audience na hiyang sa mas fleshed out n content as opposed to the click bait that live in the other end of the spectrum.

Wasn’t there some sort of regular comic strip or something din dati?

Edit: also, kamusta naman kaya ang lahat ng campus based online forums ng arrreneow, LaSalle at uste?

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Yung nga kabataan ngayon di ko sigurado if sanay pa sa forum format outside FB/Twitter. If I were not an old peyups member, I would be intimidated din to join the discussions. Hanga ako kay @itachi kasi nakakajoin sya, pero medyo mataas yung barrier to entry for the new breed kasi ano ba ang difference nito sa online FB/Twitter discussions?

Plus tingin ko yung mga active topics are those that are not so much related sa UP, but related sa old peyups. This can be alienating to the prospective new mems. Things like Campus Issues, hindi active yung discussions. If I were a newbie, makakarelate lang ako sa usapang UP talaga with the oldies, and usapang UP now, not UP before. I remember my hook on the old peyups were the articles, campus topics and UAAP. Then tsaka lang ako nagtransition out to other forums and naging friends sa mga members.

If we were to bring in new mems (and for the sustainability of this site, we should), Ano ba yung mga bagay na makakarelate sila? For example, if this can become a good UP bulletin board (example, campus announcements, schedules, etc.) then we can draw lurkers in na hopefully can start their own discussions eventually on those announcements. Pero I understand that halos tayong lahat outside UP na so iyon yung medyo challenging part.

Inevitable yung alienation kasi dekada yung gap ng old and new peyups. Pero how to make this forum relevant to the new generation, we need to bridge that gap. For starters pwede ba mag-pin ng thread na parang new mems mag-ask ng questions sa oldies about how to cope with UP life or life in general. Or something similar which would bridge the gap. Pwedeng how to deal with certain subjects, profs (if buhay pa mga prof natin nung araw hahaha), etc.

Sorry mahaba and incoherent. Pero sayang nga tong forum if walang new breed.


Yung nakikita kong upside ay moderation. Since hindi yun masyadong nagagawa sa Facebook groups. Wala rin at all sa Twitter. Relatively walang DDS or Marcos apologists din (I hope). We can focus on peyups being a safe space. Also, some UP groups have been mass reported into shutting down. I think that’s an advantage for this group. Independent siya of Facebook so it’s not vulnerable to such attacks.

I agree with all the suggestions above. Yung main challenge I guess is to get them to come here. Second challenge is to make them want to create an account (to like, bookmark, and hopefully post). Tapos we can worry about how to make them want to stay later.

Oo nga eh. I’m thinking, parang capitalize on our experience na din. Mga advice threads etc :laugh: For the oldies naman, we can ask din kung kumusta na ang campus and other details sa current situation ng UP. So mutualism. Heh.

Not sure if this is in the pipeline as well but maybe we can also have a sort of job board? Or a Who’s hiring/Who’s looking for a thread seguro :slight_smile: Sobrang relevant nun for fresh grads and graduating people. Or a thread about rakets. Puwede ireplicate natin yung mga bulletin boards sa waiting sheds on campus. That said, this will require strict moderation to weed out scammers and spam.

Another good demographic to recruit would be incoming freshmen. Common concerns nila ay kung ano mga subjects, stuff about the campus, maybe where to rent apartments/boarding houses.

I think baka wala pa sa routine nila ang magpeyups ulit? Saka most of them ay lurkers din talaga. Tapos out of sight, out of mind na. If I recall correctly, Discourse deals with this problem by sending activity summary emails the users. Para if they’re inactive alam nila what they missed ma-engganyo sila na bumalik. Facebook/Twitter/Insta competition natin eh and those don’t play fair. They have notifs all the time :laugh:

Baka kelangan magpromote sa mga existing na UP groups? Unang kong naiisip ay yung Narinig ko sa UP group saka yung a group where we pretend to be in up diliman . As for invitations, alam ko may invitation feature sa Discourse where you can send an email to someone na hindi pa member. Or you send them an invite link that they can use to sign up.

Those two groups have memberships in the five to six digits though and I don’t think we want all of them. Nor do we want to grow that fast. Just to have a healthy inflow of new users. Not sure din if the site can afford to grow that fast din. I can imagine that the site maintenance costs will grow with the number of active users :laughing:

Meron pa naman seguro. I think there’s enough of them. We don’t want those tiktokers and selfies here anyway. :laughing:

Sorry for the word vomit. I just care about this topic :laugh: Aside from actively creating content aimed at new users and recruiting them, my short term recommendations would be to enable the activity summary emails and the invite users feature. The latter should be relatively safe as it’s only available to Peyups Addicts and admins for now. So more or less, trusted members naman sila ng community. Combined with the former though, it will significantly increase the number of emails sent out by peyups and it will have some impact on the site maintenance costs.