Music and Memory - Trigger Songs

Are there songs that evoke ceratain memories from your past? That every time you hear triggers nostalgia (or pain) or songs that you associate with specific events

I’ll start - Summer Paradise by Simple Plan reminds me of the time me and my wife went on a road trip with no definite destination, we just stopped when it got dark and checked-in to the nearest hotel we could find.

Jagged Little Pill - my 1st year away from home, stayed in our high school’s dormitory where my roommate played Alanis’ whole album non-stop, like yung buong cassette!

Butterfly Carnival - reminds me of my first UP Fair concert


Jason Wade’s You Belong To Me will forever be associated to that one person.

most December Avenue songs will remind me of C. Pati Baby Dont You Break My Heart Slow.


Only Want You by Rita Ora makes me think of @KniM :heart:

What a Wonderful World reminds me of my mom


Groovy Kind of Love - sang to me by my-then GF while I was crying on her chest.
Stay - always makes my stomach warm and fuzzy


Pompeii (Bastille) - when I first moved away from PH and I was on my own most of the time as a newcomer here I was always listening to this song. Now pag naririnig ko especially yung chorus parang nattransport ako back to that particular time six years ago

Africa (Toto) - ewan ko ba pero nung buntis ako LSS ko ito. Kaya ngayon pag naririnig ko naaalala ko yung time na inaantay ko palang lumabas si little one :heartpump:


All This Time ni Tiffany. May particular childhood memory ako naaalala pag naririnig ‘to.

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You’re So Vain reminds me of Karaoke moments in a seedy part of Pasig with friends on a night we thought we were never going to grow old.


One More Sleep by Leona Lewis and The Weeknd’s I feel it Coming always transport me back to Yorkshire, England kasi lagi ko pinapatugtog nun while naliligo ako sa umaga :grin: i also played both in the little car while we drove to the Lake District and to Edinburgh.

Backstreetboys songs always takes me back to those balmy March evenings when we would attend rehearsals for our High school foundation day performances. At yung feeling excited ka kasi makaka hang out mo si secret crush ng mas matagal and casual environment lang. Ayiie


i think common for our brains to be wired that way.

moments are tired to what your senses processed when it occurred.

so sounds, scent, sensations, and the like do get tagged like that often enough =)


Jeepney at Shezzo Wicked… UP Fair! :headbang:


Lovefool - summer of '98. Fun times with PI 100 classmates

The coconut nut - HS field demo. Lafftrip to kasi pwersahan pinag costume ibang kaklase namin at pinagperform. Last year when we had our silver anniv, pinatugtog to at lahat sobrang nagreact.


Huling sayaw saka yung cure ni lady gaga. Ayun naaalala ko lagi yung moments na nag break kami ng past relationship ko. Arggg.


Yung jingle ng Ritemed.

Wag mahihiyang magtanong…kung may Ritemed ba nito

Yung naging LSS sya ng lahat ng tao sa opisina, pati ng asawa ng boss ko. Sabi ng asawa ng boss ko, kapag daw naririnig nya yun, natatawa sya tapos naaalala nya ko hehehe


Mga kanta ng Eraserheads, naaalala ko ung adventure namin ni @Zen-Zen papunta ng UPD bahay ng alumni… Peyups event un diba? Hehe…


Narda by Kamikazee will always remind me of the one that wasn’t in high school.

Classmates kami nung first year, tapos bigla na lang kaming tinukso sa class kasi crush niya raw ako. Di ako naniwala pero iniwasan ko na siya para walang gulo. Na-jail booth pa kaming dalawa nung school fair so nainis ako lalo. Hindi na kami naging classmates pagkatapos ng first year.

Fast forward to 2006, busy-busyhan bilang CAT officers, tapos naging officer din siya so naging friends kami ulit. Fourth year Christmas party ng school, may battle of the bands. Bago sila tumugtog, sabi ng vocalist, dedicated daw yung kanta na yun para sa special someone nung drummer. Siya yung drummer. First time ko marinig yung Narda.

Kaso walang nangyari hanggang graduation. :rotfl: Summer after graduation, nagkatext kami, inamin niyang crush niya ako. :smash: Kaso pa-UPD na ako tapos pa-DLSU siya, so wala na. The one that wasn’t.

May sinulat ako tungkol dito nung kasagsagan ng mga pangyayari, pero wag na yun kasi mas madrama. :embarasslaff:


Maybe This Time - kanta ko nung umaasa pa ako na pag nagkita kami uli, we can pick up where we left off. But no, di talaga meant.


Forevermore - one ex sang this for me in one bar :hide:
Anything in U2’s Rattle and Hum album I remember my freshman year, living in UP village

Kanlungan - 70s bistro nights

Maling Akala (brownman revival version) - Xaymaca nights


Passenger Seat by Stephen Speaks - college memories :biglaugh:


Becha by Golly Wow - my brothers fave song which I sang on his wedding day
A Thousand Miles - makes me think of @KniM :heartpump:


2 kanta na nag reremind sa college life ko sa elbi, chour!

Elbi life ng hemp republic
I want my elbi life - kartoon chemistry (kanta din sa play ng icebag/tarugo) :wink: