Multi-Season TV Shows

Did you enjoy the whole run?

Did you stop after one or so season/s?

Never got why everyone seemed so into a particular one?

Like my case with Suits.
I kinda lost interest after the 5th season or so.

Regarding Lucifer, it has been knocked down from top of the list, to something to alternate with when I want a light breather from something I’m heavily in to

Now Breaking Bad was awesome (for me) and well worth the follow. Pretty satisfying ending as well.
Clearly on the other end of the spectrum where GoT got shat upon by Benioff and Weiss.

I’m probably biased from being a Cranston fan from back in the Malcolm in the Middle (pretty well written over the course of it’s run) days.

I can’t really comment on any of the current Korean offerings, since I have yet to see a single episode.

I’ve watched the whole The Office (US) seven times already.

It always gets me. And I still get disappointed when Steve Carrell leaves the show.


The Flash… I left after Season 2. Naumpisahan ko pa S3 pero hindi ko na nagustuhan.

Di pa ba tapos ang Suits? :charing:

Tinapos ko ang The Good Wife at sinusubaybayan ko ngayon ang The Good Fight! :aprub:

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Riverdale - stopped at season 1. Haha

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daming shows na kita agad yung epekto ng law of diminishing returns e.

parang nung Smallville days. tipong “monster of the week”. which can be annoying if you’re more interested in the greater story arcs

Series that I enjoyed the entire run:

Game of Thrones (yeah, seasons 7 and 8 are not as good as the previous ones, but I still liked them)
Breaking Bad
The IT Crowd
Little Britain
Toast of London

Series that I stopped watching:

The Walking Dead - after season 8
Fear the Walking Dead - after season 1
Modern Family - a few episodes into season 6
13 Reasons Why - after season 1

COMMUNITY :slight_smile:

Still waiting for the movie… :rofl:

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can’t honestly say :hihi:

sinawaan na e.

admiring all the sharp clothing can only hook me so far.

at least sa Lucifer, mas light ang general appeal (sa akin)

SKL though, that I think DB Woodside and Rachael Harris must share similar Hollywood management. since pareho silang nasa Suits at Lucifer

Including its spin-offs like Sabrina and Katy Keene. Too much drama and too dark compared with their comics version.

my disappointment with GoT stems from how stinking bad the show runners did in the end.
sinayang yung next to carte blanche that they were given.
got access into rarefied air of monoculture, only to leave behind that steaming pile of wyvern (yep, not a real dragon) shit
walang masamang tinapay against Breaking Bad. though i do wish they at least got Meth Damon to shed a couple of pounds before shooting El Camino :embarasslaff:

props to Spartacus for staying true to the show’s initial flavor and doing their best to deal with the health issues that the main character had to deal with IRL.


hindi ba pasok sa panlasa ng lumaki sa digests ng archie comics? :smiley:

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Masyadong daring ang mga bata sa Riverdale.


Arrow and Flash

Pero yung Legends of Tomorrow benta pa rin sa akin

Pinapanood ko na lang yung Arrow/Flash kapag may crossover episodes. Di ko nga alam na nag series finale na yung Arrow

There was this series dati called COLD CASE. Natapos ko ata lahat ng seasons nun during one lazy summer break hahahaha

Sobrang crush ko si Sarah Michelle Cellar ng Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Pero I have to sadly admit na hindi ko pa napapanood lahat ng episodes.

Lumaki ako sa Archie comics, parang ibang tao naman itong mga nasa Riverdale. Although I know na “pina-dark” nila pero hindi ko talaga keri. :sweat_smile:

bought a copy of the Archie Marries Betty/Veronica as well as the Death of Archie.

far, faaar place from the daily digests of my childhood

I read about those when they came out. Decided I’m never buying/reading them para hindi masira ang Archie and friends of my childhood. But, here I am, watching this crazy series, Riverdale! Hay naku!