Movie/Book Inspired Food

I honestly couldnt decide whether this properly belonged here or Arts & Lit. Pakilipat nalang po.

What kind of meals or food did you buy, make or went to a restaurant for solely because you saw it in a movie/TV show or read about it in a book? Yung natakam ka nang sobra or nainspire at the way it was eaten or prepared sa movie or book na you just have to have it yourself?

These are mine:

The Help - southern fried chicken so napabili sa Popeye’s and I tried making the Caramel Cake pero fail.

The Big Bang Theory - the scenes where the gang sits around in Sheldon’s and Leonard’s living room eating take out make me want to get take out too. Usually Asian (so Pei Wei), eat straight out of the take out box in the couch while watching something on Netflix

Seinfeld - diner scenes always makes me crave for coffee and sandwiches

KDrama - especially right now watching Reply 1988, I just had to have rice, spinach soup, small veg sides like oi muchim, fish, and ramen. Tas nilalagay ko sa maliliit na platito and kumakain with chopsticks kahit hirap :embarasslaff:

Downton Abbey - (or kahit anong British show and movie) english breakfast tea with milk and sugar, overdone toast with butter and jam, soft boiled egg, or kahit anong pastry na available sa bahay

Gilmore Girls - coffee kahit di naman ako mahilig sa kape napapakape ako :coffee: diner food like french fries greasy burgers, pizza, nachos

The Sopranos - lasagna and manicotti (i didnt even know what this was until I started watching Sopranos). yung manicotti as in hinanap ko talaga sa buong metroplex. Fun fact Olive Garden doesnt serve it lol. But nahanap ko sya at an italian resto near our house!

The Devil Wears Prada - made me want a Starbucks flavored latte and soft cheese danish (breakfast daw ni Miranda).

The Parasite - naparesearch ako kung pano gawin yung legendary ramdon at ginawa ko as close as I could pero without sirloin steak haha. Sarap!


Friends and Frasier are supposed to have caused the boom in coffeeshops.

Chapaguri sa Parasite. Readily available naman yung ingredients sa Korean grocery, yay!

Fried chicken ng CLOY. Grabeeee ibang level ang craving ko nung time na yun. I have yet to taste that! :slight_smile:

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