Mother’s Day presents

Sa mga monmies, do you still get presents from your kids and spouse?

What’s the best present you’ve received for Mother’s Day?

This year, nagpaparinig ako sa asawa ko. I showed him websites of flowers, and this site that sells jellycat toys (100% of what you pay gets donated for covid relief). Then yesterday I said ayoko na ng flowers or toys, jewelry is forever. :rofl: :kissing_closed_eyes:
I don’t think I’m getting anything this year, though. Tipid tipid muna kami.

I get the usual cake and flowers - pero in the last 2 years, sila lang kumakain ng cake kasi low carb ako haha!

Tbh, we usually do not celebrate this aside from the perfunctory greetings, dine out, etc. I usually would just greet my mom also, and if i happen to be able to go home, i’d take her out on a date. But usually talaga walang fan fare.

We go big on birthdays and Christmases though!

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I usually get flowers, and cards from my hubby and kids (and also from my parents). The kids used to make cards in school. Since distance learning ngayon, yung teachers nila sinabihan kami to leave the kids alone dahil may gagawin sila sa Zoom. Alam na hehe. This year, I specifically asked my parents not to get me anything, and I won’t get my mom anything muna, since we don’t know the safety of deliveries now. We also used to go out for dinner or buy food for carry out. Not expecting that this year, which is totally fine. Safety first.

Best present I ever got was the day I got my pamper time at the salon (had my haircut and color), then had a day all to myself without cooking/doing any chores. This is what I like best about Mother’s Day (or my birthday). Dati, I just went to the library and coffee shop to read and relax.

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Ooh, this sounds lovely! I usually get flowers (because I asked for them). One time I asked for my kid’s drawing to be engraved on a little silver medallion pendant, and husband had it done. That was the best gift I got. This year I asked my kid to make me a card, mukhang di gagawin.

Just once I wish they’s give me something that I didn’t ask for, like a thoughtful present that I didn’t have to drop hints for.

It’s totally ok to ask for something you really want. Yes it is sweet to get a handmade card, and flowers. Pero naisip ko na if I need a break, I need to say it. Minsan kasi clueless ang mga hubbies/partners in what to get. Ngayon pag malapit na yung occasion, nagsasabi na ako ng “I want to have my me time, ikaw muna sa mga bata for the whole day.” or I want to have this as my gift. Take note, hindi ako humihingi ng expensive gifts. Just something small usually, like materials for my artwork/painting. Para sa akin kasi art materials are not a necessity, kasi hobby ko lang naman yun. So whenever a special occasion is coming up, I ask for it. Now that I am a mom, I also realized that I should get my mom what she really wants (and deserves) too. Bawi sa mga handmade cards or picture frame na gawa ko nung bata pa ako. haha! Though they’re thoughtful gifts, it’s still nice to give something that would truly make your mom feel special like a queen and pampered on her day.

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We usually send our nanay big flower bouquets, which she appreciates. We either eat out or buy food tapos salo salo. Then pag may time pampering with mani-pedi, facial, etc.

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I asked for jewelry too! :rotfl:
Kasi aside from my wedding and engagement rings, I dont own any real piece of jewelry. Puro costume stuff na tacky. I said I need some nice pieces to go with my nordstrom work wear para legit :joy:

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I get flowers for Mums’ Day every year. :slight_smile: well, last year pa naman first mums’ day ko. But knowing my husband, he will give me a bouquet tomorrow and every mums’ day (since I also get a bouquet everytime there’s something special to celebrate or when I’m sick or feeling ratty) :sweat_smile:

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My daughter’s love language is gift/gifting. So she always comes up with very thoughtful and creative gifts. One time she gave me a lego rep of us. Another time she gave an embroidery of a mother and child silhouette. Excited ako tomorrow because she’s been guarding our gate like a hawk :rotfl:

My mom I always give her food or we eat out. Iba kasi love language ng nanay ko eh: cash :hihi:

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^pwedeng maging amiga ang mga nanay naten. $$$ speaks to their hearts :rotflmao:


^^Nanay ko din praktikal eh. But she also appreciates nice things like jewelry. :hihi:


I normally get my mom a cake lang, pero today nagapdeliver ako Andok’s. Limited lang ang options today :smile:: pero excited sya magpicture picture ng handa nyang lechon manok at bbq.

I get cards from my kiddo and this year is super special cos she included a 20peso bill :smash: but seriously may pa background music pa sya and :heart: cut outs all around the house kanina. 20200510_082242


This year, the gift of they left me alone to spend a quiet day.

The past years, usually wala or simple greeting lang. I do prefer cash or check though. Lol. :biglaugh:


Alone time is the best gift. I didn’t exactly get alone time yesterday. But I didn’t lift a finger the whole day. I woke up to flowers, cards, and breakfast from Pancake House (my hubby doesn’t cook much hehe). Then we had the spaghetti I made the day before for lunch. I had a long afternoon nap, and my hubby bought ramen and chashu don for dinner. No cooking, no dishwashing, no chores. That’s enough for me, no need for other gifts. Although I did order some ColorStreet polish strips that will be shipped next week. Happy na ako dun.