Money Heist / La Casa de Papel (Netflix)

Netflix’s latest gold mine. It’s been great so far, but was hoping the BoS heist would end on Season 4. Now because of the covid-19 outbreak, filming would significantly be affected and we are left with that Sierra cliffhanger for more than a year. :crying_cat_face:


Maganda ba talaga? Downloaded pero diko pa nasimulan. :bored:

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Finished the first two seasons in one sitting. It’s addictive. Great acting and fascinating characters. Sometimes it gets too cliched but I still couldn’t stop watching it. :sweat_smile:


Season 4, Episode 6 totally affected me more that I thought it would.

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Feeling ko si Sierra magiging pareho ng direction ni Lisbon… :wink:


But she tortured Rio and nagawa na nila kay Lisbon. Although she pretty much burned her bridges with the government, she’s pregnant, and cornered.


Nah. The Professor isn’t taking her. She’s too much of an asshole.


She’s so annoying. The antagonists are actually very effective. But Arturo is still my favorite to hate. :angryfire: Gandia naman, parang John Wick na hindi tinatablan ng bala. :laugh:

Si Arturitoooooo! Gigil na gigil kami sa kanya.

Si Gandia may bullet deflection skill ata. 4 people firing automatic weapons at him tapos di man lang tinamaan.

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Nakakainis si Arturo, yung villain na duwag na sobrang taas ng drive for self-preservation.

Si Gandia naman parang the matrix lang, hehe.

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Galing ng actor na Arturito. Hindi pa siya nagsasalita, inis na inis na ko sa kanya. I hate him more now than I hated Joffrey (GoT). One of my most hated characters of all-time. :lol:


Ang ganda nito! If you are done with Season 4, watch the documentary called Phenomenon. Interesting to see how it was a flop in Spain then became a hit show after being bought by Netflix.

Kilig rin ako sa references sa Pilipinas :grin:


Have yet to watch! I only have mobile data where I got caught before the lockdown!
Watched Parts 1 - 3 in a matter of 4 days yata.
Heard na Manila is a transwoman. Intrigued by P4 all the more!

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Pleasantly surprised that Season 4 kept the momentum up, I thought it was gonna lose some magic, but it didn’t :smile:

Watching the documentary now. So funny. It was even axed in Spain.

Unpopular opinion: least favorite ko yung S3 I thought it lost its charm vs sa first heist. Siguro kasi unfamiliar territory yung hindi fully controlled ni Professor yung cat-and-mouse chase nila. Then medyo ganon pa din feeling ko sa first few eps ng S4. Pero yung ep 7&8 was :exploding_head:

Not so spoiler alert: nainis ako dun sa scene na nakita ni professor si Lisbon sa basement tapos may pause then may hinangin-hangin effect yung buhok ni Lisbon. Sa basement. Grrrrrrrr hahaha

Mas gusto ko rin ang first two seasons kesa S3 but S4 is good. Medyo pinapahaba lang but it still delivers.


Not so spoiler alert Hate that they killed my fave character off… :angry:
Love the show. Especially how it makes you hate some characters because they’re such great actors…

Na enjoy ko ang money heist— tinapos ko nga agad. Tapos ginagaya ko sila magsalita kasi may kanya kanya silang way of speaking.

May mga weird thoughts lang ako while watching, like

  1. yung mga food na binibigay sa hostage, san nakalagay yun, di ba yun napapanis?
  2. San galing yung radio na gamit ni Denver sa pagsayaw?
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