Money conversations with your SO

Hi guys, just wondering what’s your arrangement with your hubby/ wife / live-in partner regarding finances?

I’m now in a 3-year relationship pero so far sa mga groceries, food and utilities lang kami nagshe-share. She’s a decade younger than me so mas ako ang financially able sa ngayon. Moving forward I’m still thinking how we can have this money convo going kasi we’re not getting any younger na rin (lalo na ako :laughing: ). And we’re also planning to adopt.

Pashare naman ng styles nyo and any advice would be highly appreciated :heart:

At the onset, me and my husband always split our expenses 50/50. We computed our monthly expenses then agreed to share 50% each. Pero siempre sinigurado naming afford ng isa’t isa ang napag usapang share. Otherwise, lifestyle check kami. We don’t pool all our income, yung sharing lang. So we have our individual savings and investments (hindi nga namin alam ang sweldo ng isa’t isa until now haha). Yung other expenses like massage, quick out of town, kain sa labas, etc., kung sino nagyaya sya magbabayad :hihi:

We talked and agreed on this set up after engagement. Kasi we spent for our wedding. So nagtanungan kaming dalawa magkano kaya at willing (magkaibang bagay yan) namin ilabas for our wedding. We agreed on the amount, we split into two. Na carry over na ang ganitong set up hanggang sa ngayon. So far works for us. But only, maybe, because we are at the same age, same status career-wise, PoV sa pagtulong sa pamilya, etc.


It really would depend on what both of you are comfortable with. Iba-iba ang mentality and mindset ng tao when it comes to finances.

Personally, kami ng misis ko, I handle our combined finances - as long as our cards are paid for and our bills our paid, she doesn’t really care about the details. We do, however, generally report to each other any significant purchases we make (except gifts to each other).

That being said, especially if both people are working, the “toka-toka” system seems to work best, since both people have a sense of financial independence while both contributing to the household finances.

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