Mommy Style

Our priorities have definitely changed after having babies, but many of us still like to look nice. What are your fashion hacks and style tips for when you have to go out but must bring your kid/s with you?

  1. at home, I am in perpetual yoga wear–leggings and hoodies, v-neck tops (for breastfeeding) and lounger sets
  2. going out with baby - loose top/zip up hoodie, leggings, slip on sneakers comfy and convenient but still pretty cute haha

I still breastfeed so I gravitate towards “easy access” styles LOL

  1. Sleepwear (since baby tends to wake up in the wee hours and the only way to make her sleep again is for my husband to fetch her from her room and plant her next to me/my boob): breastfeeding shirt and pajama bottoms.

  2. Days when I don’t have to go to the office: Pants (palazzo pants, chinos, slim fit trousers, or my one-and-only pair of jeans) or knee-length or midi skirt + top (either something I could easily pull up or tuck again or a button-down shirt). I’m always either barefoot or wearing socks indoors. When I go out on a non-office day (even if it is just to buy eggs or bread), I go for white sneakers, wedges, or black booties. Wellies, if it’s raining. Knee-high boots if it’s winter.

  3. Days when I have to show up at the office: a suit. Or a businessy dress, the top part of which I can open or easily pull down so I can pump or breastfeed my baby if my husband brings her to my office at lunchtime. And heels or knee-high boots, depending on the season. :smiley:

I’ve never owned anything with heels since i had a baby. Flats, slip ons, mules, sneakers, basta hindi hassle maghabol ng bata.

For casual going out, jeans/shorts and comfy shirt/tops. Minsan dress, but never above the knee because…toddler.

Oh at dapat hindi na pinaplantsa ang material. Definitely dont have the time and energy for that.

Easy access tops/dresses FTW.
For work wear, wrap-around dresses were the best for pumping time!

My style changed a lot since becoming a mom.


  1. Loose/wide leg pants, leggings
  2. Slip on shoes (usually sneakers)
  3. Not too many straps na strappy sandals
  4. Not too tight-fitting shirt
  5. A-line dresses
  6. Work: Mostly tailored dresses and suits

Not so much:

  1. Jewelry
  2. Heels - occasionally na lang pag may parties na adults lang and no kids, or work functions
  3. Short hemlines and shorts
  4. Tight fitting stuff - even though it’s been two years, I’m still very conscious of my mommy bod


  1. Daster - from my late mother
  2. Hubby’s t-shirts
  3. Yoga pants/leggings

Dati, funky style and I love slashes of color. Ngayon parang uniform na puro neutrals suot ko.

I have not been wearing make up since when we were trying to conceive, gusto ko kasi as much as possible , no parabens mga toiletries or organic ingredients.

I dont wear heels anymore - all flats

All cotton and comfy materials. Comfort na ang priority rather than style :wink:

make up and skin care- may paraben free, phthalate free, fragrance free products which I used nung preggers. They’re pricier than the regular stuff pero worth it naman for our praning mommy brains :embarasslaff:

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I still wear the same clothes nung wala pa akong mga kids :slight_smile: