Moderating Posts

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To maintain Peyups as a community with mutual respect amongst members and healthy discussions, we will be needing help from the members.

A member may flag a post and tag it as off-topic, inappropriate, spam, and something else. These flags will be sent to the admins for review. Don’t worry, the post owner will not see who flagged the post, just the admins. :wiggle:

A member may also just send a personal message to the post owner for minor cases such as posting text lingo or flooding, since these posts can just be easily edited by the post owner.

To do the flagging and sending of messages, go to the post you want to report, click the 3 dots beside the reply icon Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 1.26.23 PM then click the flag icon.

Then just choose which action you’d like to do.

Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 1.36.32 PM

You can also just click the nick of the post owner, then click the envelope icon to send him/her a personal message.

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Puwede bang “it’s too dami? :rofl:

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Should we still report flooding by thread starters? :laugh:

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Pwede haha. Pwede ring let’s just look at it as thread starter is just looking after the thread/posting updates.

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Wokie. Better nga ata yan na interpretation :blush:

Ano ang appropriate flag for DDS? :joy:

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Can someone tell me why my post at the ABS-CBN shurdown thread got hidden a 2nd time? first it was for a banned word, I think, I edited and its ok. then a few hours later its flagged and hidden again for “spam”?

I think it’s because of this rule in the posting guidelines


I get the reasoning behind barring consecutive posts on a thread, but is it possible to allow this after a period of a few days after the previous post? I wanted to post on another thread but since I was the last to reply I could not anymore, even if that reply was over a week already.


I get around this by appending to my previous post I add a horizontal divider or timestamp to indicate na new content 2020-06-01T05:05:00Z. This will still bump up the post and it will show up sa Latest.

Off topic: The lack of new replies to otherwise interesting topics does point to a bigger problem of the site not having enough diversity and people. I fear that without a regular influx of new users who will stick around, this forum will stagnate and slowly die.