Mental Health

With the current COVID Situation, madaming lumalabas na affected ang mental health, and recently the man killed by the police got PTSD and schizophrenia.

Are you guys willing to discuss mental health? Any experience? Know someone who got one, even the simplest one up to the worst one that you can think of.

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This ECQ has been affecting me mentally. Nandon yung thoughts na “makakalabas pa kaya kami ever? matatapos ba to talaga? paano kung magkasakit ako o makahawa ako ng pamilya ko o ibang tao?”

Kanina lang in the middle of a meeting, bigla sumikip dibdib ko na ang bilis ng heartbeat ko. I tried breathing and meditating. It took a while bago kumalma. I’ve been meditating daily and journaling a lot. Nakakatulong din yon.

Sana may mag-share din dito tips on how to support our loved ones with mental health problems. What to say or not to say to them, etc.

Great topic :aprub:

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At the start of the ECQ, sobrang stressed out ako and may mga panic attacks (since I live with my kids and grandparents, in short high risk)— My staff and colleagues experienced the same. What we did lang was talk it out and accepted that we are experiencing it. We are open about it. Two of us did yoga and do stuff that makes us happy like cooking, drawing, dancing (oh yes ginamit namin ang tiktok para magrelease ng stress), so medyo okay na kami now. Yung mga extroverts samin, hindi pa rin na ka cope eh.

I also have OCD, eto sinasanay ko lang sarili ko sa mess, and it’s like, “it’s okay to be not okay”.
One example is like when I am eating, I always check my clothes kasi anxious ako na baka may nahulog sa damit ko. To cope is, isipin ko nalang na people really dont care if madumi damit ko.

My Ex once told me when I can’t stop checking my clothes “para kang siraulo”. I was like, hayup na to, siraulo na nga don’t rub it in a**hole!