Menstrual Cups: Wins and Horrors

Been cupping for almost a year now, but have been successfully deploying the cup just for the last 4 cycles or so. Even if it sometimes feels like I’m placing/retrieving an entire drum set, I didn’t give up on it - so here I am with my zero-waste menstrual hygiene!

I’m using a Sckoon cup that I got via Amazon for ~20USD. Starting from the U fold, I find now that the 7 fold is what works best for me. Before and after use, I wash it with liquid castille soap.

Would be delighted to hear your experiences - successes, even horror stories? Folding techniques? Which brand you use? Cleaning and handling preferences? Let’s normalize menstruation as a topic!


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Been a cup user for almost 5 years na :jumping: I have a lunette and a meluna cup. I use the cup and washable pads during my period, so super tipid :aprub:

Although a bit worrisome and frustrating for first time users — tama ba yung pagkabit? :erm: Paano kung malaglag? :uhoh: Paano ako magpapalit? :help: — but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be fine.

Best part is, you can go swimming anytime. :hyper:


Menstrual cups are the best! Been using one for 4 years now. I use Sinaya Cup (Philippine brand). I boil the cup at least before (sometimes no time since I need it rightaway) and after using it. It’s super comfortable and I actually forget sometimes I am wearing one. Game changer!


@mimi di ko pa na-try mag-swimming while wearing a cup. Pero na try ko nang suot siya nang mag-community work buong umaga until early afternoon, then commute from Navotas to MoA to watch a game (UP v UE tanda ko pa…red day!), then long drive from MoA to UP Town. Cup held well! Wala namang leak. 12 hours din halos (I know…hindi dapat mas tumagal pa siya sa loob).

@kikayqueen, I also tend to forget that I’m wearing one. Specially if it’s properly lodged - deadma na! Kailangang sobrang bff lang talaga with one’s female bits, to be able to place and retrieve the cup comfortably. I think if introduced to pre-pubescent girls, using the cup is a way to build body positivity. :purple_heart:


one of the best decisions i have ever made ang magswitch to Mcup. been using it for six years already. started with Meluna then recently switched to Mayumi (local brand made in the USA). i switched because i started cloth-diapering my then youngest. naisip ko, might as well go all out with my zero waste lifestyle. i love the freedom it gives me. kaya nirerekomenda ko talaga sya sa mga kaibigan ko


It also doesn’t have icky smells! Overall I feel cleaner.


I want to try this for the longest time - for Mother Earth reasons. Bumili ako sa Lazada (mistake #1) na gawa yata sa China (mistake #2) at parang ang laki nya (mistake #3) na di ko lubos maisip paano ko sya ipapasok :rotflmao:

Itry ko brands na nabanggit nyo. I’ve been using tampons for 7 years now kaya sanay na ko na may nakapasok :lol: pero nalalakihan talaga ko sa M cup


Same with me! At every chance that I get, I “evangelize” for my female friends to accept the MCup as their personal lord and savior!

@kikayqueen - Oo nga ano!? Wala 'yung typical period “lansa”. Medyo struggle lang to retrieve it for me pag nasa public toilet. Sometimes kasi, I have to push just a bit. Kaso natatakot ako, baka biglang may sound effects yung lumabas. :rofl:


Mars, may sizes siya. Depende kung nakapanganak na, etc. Maybe get the smallest muna. 'Yung Sinaya cup, pinaka-highly recommended ng mga friends ko dito. I just got Sckoon kasi the guy I was seeing was in the US, so bumili na siya for me.

Supposedly, when you find the folding technique na hiyang ka, it won’t feel like malaki siya masyado. It should be comfortably nestled there, creating a vacuum seal with the vagina. Some pala would use lube para mas madali siyang pumasok.


I’ve been using one since 2 years ago. I started with Sinaya but it kept sliding down no matter what I do. After 3 cycles, I couldn’t stand it any longer and purchased the Lena cup. Very happy with it. Once in, I couldn’t feel it.

I totally love that I’m cleaner down there, no more waste (this was my main motivation), and I sometimes totally forget that I’m having my period.

I can’t recommend menstrual cups enough. They are totally a game-changer.