May December Relationships

Since may interracial, meron ding May-December Relationships. Doesn’t matter kung past, present etc.

Share naman stories, age gap? how dya met? issues? etc… :slight_smile:

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He was 8 yrs older than me. But he thinks like a baby esp when he makes lambing. Good times always. Didn’t work out after few months due to different priorities in life. Not friends anymore

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12 years ago, dated someone na 10 years older than me. Friend ng roommate ko noon. My roommate and our common friends agree with the relationship naman kasi we get along well.

Wrong timing yung relationship namin. It was at the end of his contract at work and he was about to move back to his home country to pursue more studies. Devastated me. I cried a lot. We kept in touch until he finished and he returned to our part of the world but to another nearby city.

That time he returned, I just came from another break-up and we reconnected a bit. I even stayed at his place twice in between business trips.

I don’t know what was happening to him but he went on a sudden purging spree of his friends including me. It was my birthday in 2012 I last spoke to him. I think he had a terrible depression moving back here and not finding it the same as before at saka alam ko he had a massive fallout with his best friend who is also my friend.

All I know is he has since moved twice to other countries and is still single.

Our age gap wasn’t a problem. He even looked younger than his age. I did like he was mature enough and he had more substance than guys my age at the time we were dating. Downside lang is sometimes is they’re more cynical about the world than you and they’re more on the grumpy side. They don’t take your 20-something dramas and BS so you kinda learn how to be more mature about things.


Dating someone 15 years younger than me. I don’t look my age naman so when we’re together parang magbarkada lang kami. Life is great! Compared to previous partners na kasing age ko, mas matured pa mag isip ito. Sometimes, wala sa age yung maturity.



She was 15 years or so younger than me :embarasslaff: She dialed the wrong number in the middle of the night( on purpose according to her out of boredom). So we started talking everyday. Two months into the daily phone conversations, we decided to meet up. Became a couple after the meetup. But the maturity difference really took a toll on us. After 5 months of trying to adjust, I decided to let go. It was emotionally stressful.


Had a bf before na 7 years younger :hide:

Hubby now is 18 years older than I am. :heartpump:

Hindi sya malaking issue, as long as hindi issue sa inyong dalawa.


My gf’s 11 years younger and so far okay naman, minsan lang para akong may anak kasi pabebe pero buti na rin kasi may pagka-nurturing naman ang personality ko :lol: We clash din although lahat naman ng differences nadadaan sa tamang pag-uusap at diskusyon.

We’re turning 3 next Friday :sweet:


My girlfriend is 5 years older than me. Not that much, pero I find it very satisfying to have someone who can tell me what’s what haha. Plus we laugh at the same funny stuff and pretty much have the same wavelength. Hindi rin pabebe at madrama so that is another plus. :relaxed: