Masci Peeps Thread

O ano na mga anak ni Padre Faura? Papag-aralin nyo pa mga anak nyo sa MPPM?

Post away and welcome back.

My vital stats: Lavoisier-Urey-Mendel-Moseley

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To answer your question, yeah, I’ll still want my hypothetical kids to be MaScians. At least I know what they’re getting into.

Rest in peace, Ma’am Cordero :sob:

Oh no what happened to her???

Apparently she had Alzheimer’s for some time now. She was rushed into San Juan de Dios hospital a few days back due to seizures and high blood sugar. She fell into a coma and died 11:51 today :sleepy:

Sumalangit nawa, Mam Cordero. :frowning:

Pasteur, Keps, Coper.

Lintek nalimutan ko anong section ako nung 3rd year :embarasslaff:

Si @Brix lang ata kilala ko dito. Hello guys!

Ma’am Cordero, math dept? :pensive:

Hmm, to answer your question, maybe not Masci. While I am proud to be a mascian, hindi holistic ang training eh. Well to be fair, I don’t think the other science high schools have it any better. If mangyaring mabuntis ako :joy:, I’ll support them in whatever fields they think they’d excel or want to learn more from. So pag shensha and matikmatik ang gusto, o cge, Masci will be on option.


Kuya @Brix bakit feeling ko kilala kita hahaha patay na patay ako dun sa isang classmate mo dati haha yung matangkad na magaling sa math

@ninibeLLes haha yup I remember you very well!

@koya_gidz kumusta na! message me!

Kuya @Brix Omg :shy: iba na po hitsura ko ngayon, salamat sa puberty. :lol:

Naalala ko na ano’ng section ako nung 3y: Linnaeus :embarasslaff:

Pasteur - Kepler - Linnaeus - Copernicus

Oh no :cry:

Ako nga wala ata kilala dito :sweat_smile: Not sure nag sign-up na ulit sa Peyups batchmates ko or if nakita na nila tong Masci thread.

As per GC ng batch namin, Ma’am Cordero was well taken care of by relatives in her final years (she never married and would always emphasize that she’s a Ms. and not a Mrs.) so at least we can take solace in that :no_mouth:


Hi peeps batch 92 here :joy: :wave: Wala akong kid, though one niece graduated there (halimaw sa math and she’s soon graduating in Mapua in ECE) and another one’s a freshman :grin:, mom nila pumasa rin but she went to Malate Catholic school.

I didn’t know Mam Carmen passed away na until today :broken_heart: I’ll always remember her kasi ang hirap ng stats :laughing:. Rest in peace mam!

Fermi / Pauling / Boyle / Moseley


Welcome @amblin ! Naku kung hindi ako pumasa ng Masci, Malate Catholic School din ako kasi dun lang ako nag exam other than Masci.

I entered Masci 1994 and extinct na yung Boyle amongst the sections. I wonder kung buhay pa yung mga sections ko.

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