Maroon Mania Posting Policies

Aside from the usual posting guidelines, the Maroon Mania forum has some additional posting policies:

  1. No his & hellos only posts. Use the Greetings Thread for that.

  2. Please respect the players’ privacy. No posting of private information. No player sightings posts unless sa games or team practices. – bawal stalking!

  3. Some players may have accounts here. Use the PM feature for personal messages.

  4. Please be constructive with your comments e.g. Coaching, Eurostep, Papogi etc. We want them to improve, not be bashed.

  5. Always put yourself in the shoes of the player. Before you post something about him/her, ask yourself first if you’d like others to post the same thing about you.

Thread Labeling

Please follow the proper title format:

Player threads: name (sport)

e.g. Juan Gomez de Liano (Basketball)
Louis Gamban (Volleyball)

Game Threads: Round # - UP vs. (opponent) (team)

e.g. Round 1 - UP vs. ADMU (Mens Basketball)
Round 1 - UP vs. NU (Womens Basketball)

For any comments, suggestions or queries, please post them at the Site Feedback & Announcements forum.