Man in private village assaulted, nearly arrested without warrant by Makati

Our protectors, ladies and gentlemen. Also, this has always been the reality for poor people.

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Those a-holes should be slapped with charges.
We are all trying not to get infected here. Nakakadagdag pa sa problema tong mga tabogong lespu. Hay #bawalangshunga

The impunity diba? This should be an eye-opener for the middle class and the rich.

Nasaan kaya si ate gardener exactly nung nakita siya na walang mask. :headscratch:

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Pasalamat tayo sa Rappler and their malicious sensationalism. Malaki chance na makukulong yun dayuhan sa patong patong na kaso.

Sana yung sa BGC Condo din, na American Pastor.

Official statement of the Barangay captain:


"Since ECQ last March 5, 2020, the barangay sought assistance from PNP to implement with barangay tanods Operation Bandillo. Operation Bandillo is conducted to educate and eliminate violators such as loitering in the streets, walking and jogging and recently wearing masks. Yesterday’s incident was just one of those days where police together with the tanod patrolled the streets and reminded people of wearing masks. PSMS Madrona reminded the staff of the resident to wear mask or she will be fined. The maid went inside the house. All of a sudden, the resident came out of the house without a mask and began cussing PSMS Madrona. PSMS Madrona was unfazed and cool and tried to explain that he was reminding them to follow the law. The Resident even pointed a dirty finger at PSMS Madrona and told him to go to Tondo and get out of his house. All the time PSMS Madrona was standing in the street. Then when he wouldn’t stop, PSMS Madrona said, “I will arrest you.” The resident resisted arrest and when he was about to handcuff him, the wife said he had spinal injury. PSMS Madrona let go of him out of humanitarian reasons. In the meantime, backup arrived. The superior of PSMS Madrona, Major Anthony Bagsik, decided to just blotter the incident because the wife was pleading with him. Major Bagsik discussed with me to summon them and have the lupon mediate between PSMS Madrona and the resident to not blow up the matter. PSMS Madrona had to follow his superior’s decision. So they thought all is well that ends well. Late last night, we were surprised that he posted his one sided incident in social media and even wrote Rappler. I had a meeting with PSMS Madrona this morning. And he requested the barangay to help clear his name.

Makati has an ordinace requiring face masks in public places. This resident was on the street and sidewalk which belongs to DVA common area, therefore a public place. He was committing a crime in the presence of the officer and could be arrested even if he retreated to his property, barangay was advised.

Barangay was also advised that aside from Verbal Assault and Unjust Vexation, this is Violation of Art 151 of RPC for Simple Disobedience in relation to Local Ordinance requiring the wearing of face mask, and for being intoxicated outside the house. He can also be charged with violation of R.A. 11332, sec 9e for failure to follow guidelines set by DOH."

- Brgy Capt. Rossana Hwang of Barangay Dasmariñas

Link citing the Brgy Capt’s official statement: Makati police to sue foreign resident who defied quarantine in exclusive subdivision

Mayor Abby Binay was also recently interviewed by ANC:

Link to your sources please. We don’t deal in copy pasta here.

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Here’s a link citing Brgy Capt Rosanna Hwang’s statement consistent with what I’ve posted above: Makati police to sue foreign resident who defied quarantine in exclusive subdivision

For some added perspective:

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