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I’ve been living under a rock and just found out about DuoLingo today. And since there was an unexpected lull at work this afternoon, I got to finish early and had time to sign up. So far, I have been having so much fun earning crowns :sweat_smile: it’s like candy crush (not really, no) but you learn languages!!!

So apart from my not-even-a-day-old Duolingo account, I’ve used Anki for learning Japanese and German before. Anki is a digital flashcard app—great for working on one’s vocabulary.

What is (or are) your favourite language learning app(s) (and what languages do you learn via these apps)? What do you like most about these apps and what aspects need to be improved? Are the apps helping you at all? Do share your insights and experiences!

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DuoLingo too… Nagstart ako ng French dati pero hindi ko naman nasustain. Thanks for reminding me, I might re-install and learn Korean this time


Duolingo rin. I like that I can access it as a mobile app or thru a web browser.


Duolingo din. Nabo bore na ako. Parang gusto ko subukan yung babbel pero may bayad ata. :hide:


Been using Duolingo for over a year. I’m really fond of it! I know @Gesundheit you have more than beginner’s German so (if you haven’t discovered it yet) try the Duolingo Stories. Starts really simple, as a lesson and as a story, pero later on ok din yung entertainment value. May sci-fi, fantasy, thrillers, comedy, drama etc.

I should warn you though, the memes exist for a reason…


(Notice how he does not use the formal you. Ihr seid verwachsen.)


Haha yes, i took the duolingo placement test for German (and japanese, spanish, portuguese,and russian) yesterday since I thought it would help get me more points and what nots (tama ba? O separate ang point system and ranking per language? 2nd day noob.) Add me please! I need friends to get that friendly award or whatever :sweat_smile: and then unlocked 44% of the lessons via the placement test. But some english translation of the german sentences are wonky!

I want to get to the more advanced Japanese lessons. Is there any way of getting there / skipping the basic lessons, apart from doing each and every lesson test?

@quarantine ano ang babbel? Ma-search nga… pero kung may bayad… :hide: din :rofl:


Oooh I also want that validation from The Owl that I’m a friendly person. Like-minded people, add me!

Napansin ko din this quarantine season people are earning more points in Duolingo. This week I got relegated from my league—my usual Duolingo diet is no longer enough! I tried climbing up to promotion spots kaso ang hirap pa rin ihold. :tired_face:


Duolingo din :slightly_smiling_face: Haven’t finished any courses yet though.

Also tried Rosetta Stone but that when I used to sail the high seas :pirate_flag:

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My sister used Obenkyo and JA Sensei as supplement for learning Japanese.


Heto sya (sana magwork ang link)

So cheaper version daw ng Rosetta Stone but the focus is more on conversational learning. May good and bad reviews din so :shrug:

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nag-download ako ng DuoLingo ngayon lang. thank you for introducing that app to me. matagal ko nang gustong mag-refresh ng nihongo at magstart mag-aral ng español.


May Memrise din pala though I haven’t used it much. If I recall correctly, parang flash cards approach nila.

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Ah! Parang Anki din @itachi ?

For some time, I used Lang-8 (now connected to HiNative). It works like this: You input the language(s) you are learning and also your mother tongue. And then you write something in the language you are learning (I wrote poetry, short stories, even translation of popular songs all in Japanese), and then native speakers would read and correct your entries. You can also correct what others are writing in your native language. Other people could rate the corrections.
You earn points when you write something, when you submit corrections, and when third parties rate your corrections as very good. :slight_smile: