KPOP Thread

Kindly delete if this is redundant with another topic. :sweat_smile:

Mas KPop fan ako kesa KDrama.

Mostly 2nd generation group yung mga gusto ko: 2ne1, Bigbang, Super Junior, SNSD, Shinee.

Hindi ko bet ang BTS at Blackpink, lalo na mga fans nila. Ang daming paandar lagi sa twitter. Sorry :v:

Who is your favorite KPop Group/Artist?

I’m not a KPop person, but thanks to KDramas I got to know some KPop artists:
-V (BTS)
-Choi min ho (Shinee)
-Yook sung jae (BTOB)
-Lee seung gi (kumakanta pala sya :blush:)
-KDrama OSTs are so good:
*CLOY: All the songs actually, my fave is But It’s Destiny by 10cm
*Itaewon Class: Start by Gaho :hyper:, I’m Diamond, Someday the Boy by Kim Feel
*Hwarang: Even if I die by BTS, Dream, Our Tears (PSJ version :embarasslaff: )
*WWWSK: It’s You
*Sky Castle: Isa lang ang OST pero very powerfully used, We All Lie (English song pala ito all the way :rotfl:)
*Something in the Rain: 2ne1’s I’m the Best, one of my fave scenes 'yung sumayaw si SYJ at nahuli ni JHI :rotflmao:

-Kim Bum Soo (Bo Go Ship Da): Classic ito, ganda ng quality ng boses
-Dahil nakita ko sa YouTube 'yung duet ni Kim Bum Soo sa Fantastic Duo, narecommend 'yung duet with Taeyang (Big Bang) ng Eyes, Nose, Lips. Kaya nakilala ko na rin si Taeyang, mahusay siya infernes
-About Kim Feel: I remember visiting a friend at their house, he used to work in Busan, that’s why he’s used to watching K channels when he’s in Manila. We were watching this TV show called Immortal Songs. The moment I heard Kim Feel sing Wait for Me, wow his voice piqued my interest right away, so I downloaded the song, and the song was on my playlist for a time… Fast forward to 2020, I fell in love with Itaewon Class and its OST, especially Someday the Boy. Only to realize just recently that it is the same singer. That explains the connection I had with Kim Feel.