Keyboard overlapping post/textarea box

When posting a reply on a thread using any browser on Android, natatabunan nung keyboard yung text box. Do you guys also encounter this? Pa-confirm naman.

I’m on Android 10, and I’ve experienced this on Firefox Nightly, Kiwi Browser, and Brave Browser Beta. I use Swiftkey as my keyboard, though ganun din problem kahit Gboard.

Let me know kung common issue ba ha, or sa akin lang dahil weird ang Android setup ko.

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Haven’t encountered that issue yet. Using Chrome and Firefox on Android. Yung issue ko lang ay natatakpan ng context menu yung formatting bar whenever I highlight something :joy: Using SwiftKey as well.


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Same issue ata tayo @itachi


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It’s not really a deal breaker pero annoying lang. :expressionless:

@markku sayo buong textbox talaga? :open_mouth: Unusable na yun ah :fearful:

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