Jade Roller, Fad or Effective?

I have the pink one and it feels really good when I use it after washing my face. The cool feeling on skin makes the skin refreshed. Nakaka relax dahil na massage ang face mo. Will recommend it to others. Amazon bought

Got mine after I gave birth two years ago. I asked my facial lady how to use it.

It’s useful to get a lot of the product absorbed into your skin like oils or the serums, tapos relaxing din siya.

Also, napansin ko mas maayos lapat ng face mask pag ginagamit nung aesthetician yung roller.

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A friend who used to work in Myanmar gifted me one… I just enjoyed the experience, but not really sure about the results… until dinapuan ng molds 'yung roller ko :headscratch:

I have a rose quartz one pero nakakalimutan ko gamitin. I’m thinking kasi it should be washed after every use pero nakakatamad kaya tuloy hindi ko rin magamit every day when I do remember it.