How to ignore a user?

Share ko lang tong feature na to, kasi maraming naghahanap ng ganitong functionality.

Yes, aside from flagging posts, meron ding option to ignore any specific user if you just feel na ayaw nyo yung mga posts nya. :wink: Though ang limitation nito eh hindi pwedeng i-ignore ang mods and admins.

You can do it from the targer user’s profile page:


Or via your my-username/preferences/users page:

Ignore User

Here’s the full discussion on this feature as it was implemented by the Discourse developers:

Please use this sparingly para wag naman maubos ang kausap nyo, hehehe.

(Images graciously nicked from the same meta.discourse topic)


Basically “How to kill an Internet Troll”.


Nice guide :smiley: However, only Peyups Addicts have access to this though. Mute lang meron ang new users. I fear na they won’t stick around long enough to reach Peyups Addict status and get this feature :frowning:

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Interesting. Sige tignan natin kung ano pwede gawin about it. :slight_smile:

UPDATE: The ability to ignore users is now available to members and higher membership levels. Di na kelangang peyups addict.

What does this mean for the ignorer and the ignored? Not much really, di mo na makikita posts ng mga taong ayaw mo dahil collapsed by default, then the ignored doesn’t have to worry about people they always disagree with anyway. Dedma function talaga dapat ang tawag dito. :rofl:

Newbies (fresh registrations) still cannot ignore others, but stay and be active in Peyups to reach the next level member and you will be granted more abilities without much restrictions, as described dito.