How much of the world have you visited?

This interactive map ( lets you know how much of the world have you visited.

My stat: I have visited 21 countries, which is only 4.81% of the world.

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Using same map…
23, 4.83% daw

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18 countries, 5.77% daw. Siguro dahil mas spread out? :shrug:

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11 countries, 6.7%

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Kapag mas malaki ang land area ng nabisita mo, mas mataas ang %. Ang saya ng Mexico at karamihan sa South America, hindi nahati-hati. Mexico alone is almost 2%.


18 countries, 3.65%

0 ang Africa at America :joy: sana soon Africaaaaa!


Africaaaaaa nalang !
Gotta catch’em all!

24 countries, 6.37 per cent. Kailan kaya sa Americas?

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I’m sure I’ve missed some, but I thought I’ve seen most of it when in fact, it’s just 13.26% of the world.



^ si @finn ang pinaka well-travelled sa thread na ito. :headbang:

3.99 :biglaugh:

I’m sure meron pa na ibang mas madaming napuntahan. Many of my travels were for business, and so I cannot say I have truly been there.


Work takes me abroad as well! But since i travel to do seminars & workshops my hosts take me on a bit of sightseeing for them to show me their country :grin:

Number of countries you have visited: 14. You have explored 7.95% of the world.
I wanna see Europe and Africa next

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