How many hours of sleep do you get?

Weekdays I get 8 hours more or less, sa weekends mga 6-8

A good night’s sleep is what I need, not coffee


Ngayong quarantine period nasa 6 to 7.
Dati nasa 5 to 6.

3-5 hours.

Pre-ECQ: 5 to 6 hrs
ECQ: 7 to 8 hrs

Ang sarap gumising na walang alarm at hindi makikipagdigma sa traffic. :slightly_smiling_face:

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5 to 6 hours.

Working on getting at least 7.5hrs of sleep everyday. Why is it so hard?

6-8 pero never straight, on most days I wake up every 3-4 hours to drink water or pee, on bad days I wake up every 1.5-2hrs (I usually stay up between 5mins-1.5hrs, depende)

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8-10 :yawning:

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Ngayon mga 5-6 hrs tapos 2-4hrs. Twice a day ako nakakatulog this ecq.

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7-8hrs usually pero I stay in bed ng isa pang oras para magdutdot ng cellphone. :embarasslaff:

6 hours on weekdays and I try to get 8-10 on weekends if I don’t work OT :hihi:

ca 7 hrs pero putol. I sleep at 9pm kasabay si toddler and usually wakes up at 12ish mn until 3-4am. Gising ulit around 7am.

Yung window sa madaling araw ang time ko to netflix, online grocery shop, mag Lazada sale :joy:

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5 to 6 hours during weekdays and unlimited pag weekends. :lol:

No idea to be honest :bawling: I just try to sleep whenever my little boy will let me. So jealous of the 6-10 hours you guys get :wow:

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Lil sis, it gets better! Dati mga 4-6 hours lang din ako, but now nag cooperate na si Lucas. It took mga 21 months to get there though.

21 months!!! I have a loooong way to go pa talaga. Hehe. Pero thank you kuya, it honestly helps when people say it gets better :hug:

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@whatsy You’re welcome! Ang problema ko na ngayon is mang-gising sa umaga :rotflmao:

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6-8 hours

Pre-kid 6
Post kid 4.5 ;p

Pre-quarantine, nasa 4-6 hours lang pag hindi ako duty sa ospital.
During quarantine, nasa ~5-7 hours, nauuna pa akong magising kaysa sa alarm. :lol:

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Love the categories :lol:

Pre-quarantine 6 to 9hrs
During quarantine 5 to 7hrs
Nung bagong nanay palang, mga 45mins :rotfl: