How does one report an Ease of Doing Business violation in UP?

tldr College dean is inserting himself into the hiring process and slowing everything down (increasing transaction times from days to weeks). He’s doing this by insisting that he be added as a witness in contracts of service and then acting as an approving authority (because contract can’t proceed if he doesn’t sign it). Is this an Ease of Doing Business violation? If yes, how do we report him? :sweat_smile: Thanks you!

Dean at our college has been trying to insert himself in everything. He wants to be review contracts for project based personnel example. I have no issue with doing the review, it’s just he takes too long to review things. Documents that used to take a day now take two weeks or so, and that was pre-COVID. During the pandemic, things take months now

There’s also the issue with how he inserts himself into the process. He insists on being added as a witness on the contracts. So witness lang siya sa contract tapos ginagamit niya yun as mechanism to exert power over everyone and hold contracts. Shouldn’t he institute a formal process for that so it para mas maayos ang process at may checks and balances? I am not a lawyer but I feel that he is overreaching and abusing this mechanism.

Am I correct to think that he’s adding red tape and that this can be reported as an Ease of Doing Business (formerly Anti Red Tape Act) violation? If so, anybody know what the process for this? Many thanks! :smiley: