How do you keep the fire burning?

For married, partners, couples, walang pinipiling kasarian o estado sa buhay, basta sa mga nagmamahalan dyan, pano nyo pinapanatili ang sigla ng relasyon? PG 13 lang muna kasi sa ibang Category yata yung pang R18 na sagot. Wholesome po tayo :slight_smile:

Married na kame for 7 yrs. We always ask kamusta ang araw ng bawat isa. Before, we always go on dates kahit kain lang sa labas. Massages / touch and cooking (service) language of love ko. Siya naman ay service and time.


We are married for almost three years.

  1. We make sure to always say “I love you” before we sleep. Bawal kalimutan! :cussing: Pero di lang yan before matulog dapat. Required lang yung before matulog.

  2. We should go to bed at the same time (except if I have to work late).

  3. Kelangan sabay kami kumain pag nasa bahay kami.

  4. We go out for dates. Kain sa labas or lakad lakad lang sa park. :inlove:

  5. We still hold hands while walking. :hhww:

  6. We play Xbox games together. If we have to play against other online players, we support each other even though we need to stay up late. Moral support baga. :rotfl:


Married almost 4 years, together 5

  1. We always say “I love you” before bed, in the morning, and before we go out na hindi kasama yung isa kasi we think na you never know na baka last day mo na on earth tapos last word/s mo is “Bye” or “See you later”, or “Gotta go” instead of “I love you”

  2. Dahil shifting schedule kami, we make sure the common time we eat together as a family on the table is dinner time.

  3. Lots of hugs and cuddles within the day.

  4. We talk a lot about stuff pag naptime ng anak namin just like we always do.

  5. We go on random dates out HHWW when we finally get a babysitter to watch after our kid, as of now, no dates pa.

  6. Support each other’s hobbies and weird stuff. My hubby is an avid gamer (an introvert din) so I listen to his stories about the games he plays, same with me and my hobbies and social groups.

  7. The love language of food whether it is a home-cooked meal, takeaway or delivery.

  8. We’d play our fave Beatles songs and other stuff na usually fun. Most of the time, yung mga children’s songs na LSS namin, kalurks.

  9. Paminsan, massages or back rubs.