Hello Peyups Addicts! :D

We’ve opened Peyups to the OG members first, para ma-explore muna :slight_smile:

New users are awarded the Newbie title (See Membership Levels), tapos mapopromote sila to Member, then Peyups Addict. We’ve granted the oldies the Peyups Addict level na. If Newbie or Member pa rin nakalagay sa profile ninyo, let me know para mapalitan.

The Discourse forum we’re using has the following as default:

  1. User profile is public. You can disable or hide your profile details in your profile. Go to your profile pic at the top right corner, click your nick, go to Interface and check Hide my public profile and presence features.

  2. Personal messages are not private. It can be accessed by us Admins (that would be me, Karl and Markku) and future Moderators. Unfortunately, we cannot turn it off as it’s a feature of the forum we’re using.


Stupid question: What’s “OG”? :grimacing:

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Original gangsters aka mga “oldies” :embarasslaff:


“experienced members” daw :rofl: :joy: :sweat_smile:

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Too much time abroad hahahahaha

I can’t believe you had to ask the question

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Hahhaaha hindi ko nakayanan.

woohoo akala ko Opera Ghost. Tanders na talaga.


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