Has anyone tried MeWe?

Just created an account a few hours ago. Quite a few of my friends started moving there and I checked it out just to see what the fuss is about.

It bills itself as a free-ier and more privacy conscious alternative to Facebook.


  • No ads
  • No algorithmic feed (daw)
  • Will never sell your data (supposedly)
  • Has a paid tier (which means they won’t be incentivized to sell your data as they have other revenue sources)


My main gripe is that the CEO takes a a laissez faire attitude towards content moderation which makes it the perfect place for white supremacists and their ilk. On the other hand, the lack of algorithmic feeds and ad-based business model is refreshing. Theoretically, this will not push sensationalist and click baity content onto you and it should slow down the spread of disinformation. How’s your MeWe experience?

I’m there as well, but only for a fountain pen group.

I think as long as the site doesn’t become as popular as FB or Twitter, it really doesn’t matter since all these jerks will just move to another platform where they can continue living in their own echo chambers.

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