Gadget Wishlist

Gusto ko ng 3D Printer. Anyone who has an idea ano magandang brand, specs, price?

How about you? Ano-anong gadgets ang nasa wishlist nyo or soon to buy? :inlove:

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Also want a 3D printer. Super useful niya, especially ngayong pandemic. They’re printing face shields and other PPEs with it :astonished:

Also want a VR headset. Para naman ma-experience mga virtual reality games :laughing: Drone din pala to take aerial photos with. For maps and stuff :smiley:

i’ve been flirting with buying a kindle.

might go a long way towards getting me back to reading as much as i used to back then.


E-ink ba? Ang saya nga niya. Distraction free and the battery life is great :smiley:

Yung bunot na robot.


^natawa ko sa bunot na robot. Pero gusto ko din yan.

Bluetooth adapter for tv.


Ano pala icoconnect mo sa TV?

I also want one of those Dyson electric fans.:heart_eyes:

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Bluetooth earphones :hihi:

But why? :joy: Nagrereklamo mga kapitbahay? Heh.

For when i wake up middle of the night and want to watch without disturbing our toddler. Nagexplain naman ako talaga :joy:


I want that too and this :heart_eyes:20200420_203745

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May Xiaomi version yan! :joy:

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Yung bunot din ni @arwen :joy:

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@Skela96c Oh, sorry. Just trying to understand the context :grin:


Whoa! I’ll look into this. Thank you! :sweat_smile::heart_eyes:

Wala kasing floor polisher na handy sa Pinas :rofl: Meron ako napanuod sa isang conference, pati grass cutter robot. Na s sense nya tubig :grimacing:

Kaso wala kami grass, floor lang :joy:

4K digital projector

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Nasa wishlist ko yang Xiaomi na vacuum. Pero gusto ko talaga yung Dyson.

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Oo nga eh. Ang elegant lang nila. Do you want Dyson hair dryers with that? :joy:


Sariling laptop kasi di ko nadala yung laptop ko from Pinas. Di ako kumportable sa PC. :sad:

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