Forum images are not Lightboxed

Just noticed na walang lightbox yung mga images sa peyups. I think it will be useful especially for the larger images. Para thumbnail muna ang magloload and people can just click it if they want to see the full resolution. It can be found under the Create thumbnails option sa settings if I’m not mistaken. Or was disabling it a deliberate decision?


Default siyang naka disable, didn’t enable it anymore. For those interested to see the more bigger file, they can just right click>open image in new tab. Me thinks it’s more convenient to see a full image when scrolling down posts than having to click each thumbnail pa.

Ah, malaki enough yung Discourse thumbnails. Parang ganito ang magiging effect:

Also, napansin ko pala na medyo mabagal magload yung image heavy threads since medyo malaki yung mga photos. Baka makatulong ang thumbnails.

Eto pala yung mga images from the link I posted.

Thumbnail image

Original image

File sizes:
380 KB for the thumbnail
2724 KB for the original image.

Mag-aappeal po for our brethren who are using mobile data connections (meron nga ba?) :smiley:

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Sorry, upon checking, naka enable naman pala siya.

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Nangyari din ito sa office namin eh. Bigla nalang nawala mga lightbox after an update. Tapos bigla na lang ding naayos after a while. We never did figure out why :laughing:

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