Fitness Accountability and Support Thread

Let’s motivate and support each other here. Share your short/long term goals. What are you struggling with? Post your daily ‘wins’ and ‘fails’ and keep moving forward.

Stats: 5’3" 135 lbs 37yo

Two weeks ago I weighed in at 138 lbs and thought I’ve never been this heavy since I was pregnant with my kids. My ‘normal’ weight fluctuates between 120-125 lbs. The pandemic has me working more at home so I realize, I am snacking a lot more. I also drink 2 cans of regular soda and 2 cups of sweetened teas. More junk food intake and processed carbs than I care to admit. I am working out more often, but I need to reign in my diet.

Short term goals:
Plain water intake at least 2L daily
6000 steps daily
Reduce soda/sweet tea intake to 8 oz a day
Cardio 150 min/weekly
Strength 2x weekly

Long term goal:
Weigh in at 125 lbs
Finish a marathon


Stats: 5’1.5", 102lbs, 34yo

A month ago, I increased to 110lbs due to lack of physical activity (lockdown).

Things I did to lose weight:

  • I drink at least 2 liters of water everyday.
  • Daily calorie intake should be maximum of 1500.
  • No sweets and (too) salty food (pati drinks na din).
  • Since the lockdown has been lifted here, I started running at least 30 kilometers a week.


  • Reduce fat % and increase muscle weight.
  • Compete in a marathon again.
  • Remove my belly fat and tummy folds.