Favorite museums

What are your fave ones?

I like the following plus some of the highlighted art pieces:

Neue Gallery (Woman in Gold by Klimt)
Rijksmuseum (Night Watch by Rembrandt)
Van Gogh
The MET (Egyptian tombs)
MoMa (Starry Night by Van Gogh)
Louvre (Mona Lisa, Winged Victory, The Death of Marat)
Art Gallery of New South Wales
Bilbao Guggenheim
Future World at ArtScience Museum in Singapore

Interesting ones I’ve visited are the Museum of Sex in NYC and Museum of Broken Relationships in LA (I would love a local version!!!).

My ultimate favorite is the Aguinaldo Musuem in Baguio because it was wonderfully curated and the original Philippine flag lives there!


I don’t often go to museums, but among the few I’ve visited, my favorite is the Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohama! My favorite part was creating our own cup noodles. I also plan to visit the one in Osaka someday. :pleased:


Chicago Art Institute. Very diverse and madami laging “visiting pieces”. There was a time yung bedroom ni Van Gogh (which he painted thrice and housed in 3 different museums) were exhibited. Ganda.

Meron din museum na maganda sa London pero sobrang laki nakaka overwhelm. You have to spend at least a day.

Museo Pambata’s nice for kids too.

(ps - I liked renting those recorders sa museums. pag nagtitipid, sunod ka sa isang group na may tour guide :rofl:)

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Museum of Modern Art in NYC :heartpump:

Anne Frank House. Visited twice, same feels.

Neanderthal Museum. Didnt realize that Neanderthal man is German :v:

Ayala Museum :heart:

Not really a museum museum, but La Sagrada and those palaces/castles that take me back to the middle ages feels.


Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum - Picasso and Monet collections

Miraikan (Tokyo) - humanoid robot Asimo. Official museum name is National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation.

Meiji-mura Museum (Nagoya) - preserved Meiji-era houses and buildings similar to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

Denver Art Museum (Colorado) - native American Art, can’t forget those large totem poles!

National Art Gallery of Singapore - Southeast Asian art. Tip: visit the Smoke and Mirrors cafe at the roofdeck and get an amazing view of Marina Bay Sands.

Tip: If you have several days to spend in Tokyo and love to visit museums, I recommend getting the Grutt Pass which gives you discounted or free access to all museums, aquariums and zoos.


Not necessarily the best but my favorites:

Art Institute of Chicago
Musee d’Orsay
Vatican Museums
The Met
Van Gogh
Anne Frank
The Prado (Madrid)
The Palace Museum (Beijing)

Ayala Museum - astig ng gold collection :inlove:

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Kunsthistoriches Museum, interior pa lang ng building busog na mata mo

Victoria and Albert Museum in London
I can spend my whole day here.

National Museum

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Van gogh :purple_heart::yellow_heart::orange_heart:

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Louvre :heart:

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Mona (Museum of Old and New Art) in Hobart, Tasmania (DW’s vision and backstory fascinate me)
Nero in Amsterdam (it’s so much fun :hyper: )
Lenbachhaus in Munich (I enjoy expressionism and it houses a big collection of the works of Der Blaue Reiter)
Albertina in Vienna (Dürer’s Feldhasen, Egon Schiele—enough said (for me at least); and when I was there, they were exhibiting Keith Haring’s work)

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Rijksmuseum and Musee D’Orsay.

Na-overwhelm ako sa Louvre, to the point na parang nasusuka ako. :shaking:

Rodin Museum in Philadelphia is :heart:


Bangkok Art and Culture Center - maganda ang architecture, libre pumasok, masarap sa mga kainan :shallow_pan_of_food: , sulit yung galleries na may bayad (yung iba kasing galleries may bayad, pero syempre hindi lahat), pwedeng tambayan

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Museum of Fine Art in Boston :heart: - mostly for sentimental reasons, and I found it less overwhelming than the Met, loved the room where the works of Flemish artists are on display
Uffizi Gallery in Florence
Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC
The Guggenheim in NYC
National Gallery of Art in DC

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The Broad , Los Angeles
Getty , Los Angeles or malibu

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Musee de Orsay
Van Gogh
Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art
Art Institute of Chicago - support hubby’s alma mater pero their collection is awesome
National Museum in Taipei - if you’ve been to Palace Museum in Beijing, kulang pa yan. The good pieces have been saved by Chiang Kai Shek when he fled the Mainland for Taiwan
Harvard Natural History Museum
Our own National Museum and Ayala Museum
Yayoi Kusama Museum
Uffizi Gallery

Yung hubby ko mahilig sa contemporary art so every place we go to, yun lagi nya pinupinterya.


British Museum

@vaninay - Mailap pa sa akin yang Lourve na yan… trip ko pa naman mag Davinci Code Tour!