Favorite milk tea shop?

Used to swear by Moon Leaf. Though I’m now more of a Black Scoop person. What’s yours? :tea:

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Happy Lemon, mainly because of their Rock Salt and Cheese :grinning:

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Coco white pearl milk tea
Dakasi creme okinawa

I can say “no thanks” to all except Dakasi and Black Scoop :jumping:

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Is their matcha any good? Yun na lang ata inoorder ko kahit saan :tea:

Tsujiri - matcha options
Ten Ren’s Tea (Taiwan) - legit oolong tea
The Alley - when I want it creamy
Yi Fang Brown Sugar Pearl Latte - chewy, caramelized boba
Coco Pearl Milk Tea - value for money, more on the creamy side
Macao Imperial Tea Cheesecake and Pearl Milk Tea - salted cream winner
Serenitea Apple Green Tea with Chia seeds, no sugar - my favorite juice-tea
But my ultimate bubble milk tea favorite is in Taiwan. It’s called Chen San Ding in Gongguan. Too bad they only have one store. This is the real reason why I go to Taipei several times every year. :embarasslaff:


Quickly forever! Macao pag walang Quickly.

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Di ko pa nattry yung mga ibang milk tea sa dami ng mga milk tea shops ngayon. But if bibili ako, okay na ako sa Grass jelly milk tea ng Coco.

Happy Lemon at Chatime

Gong Cha forevs

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Gong cha

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Boba Time (no choice) in the US.

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Gong Cha! :headbang:

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Happy Lemon

Hello from the land na madaming milk tea! :wave2: :cn:

Sa amin, fave ko Hongkong Drinking. Maarte ako sa sago, kailangan may pagka-firm. Yung milk tea mix nila legit HK milk tea na sinasala sa stockings.

Dati, I would go for Dakasi (love them since 2008). Honorable mentions are 85C and the now-defunct 58C.

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Tiger Sugar at Coco.

Pag mahaba ang pila dun, Serenitea.

Can’t go to the movies without Gong Cha’s golden ovaltine + pudding. :rofl:

Happy Lemon or Serenitea. Green tea with calamansi or lemon, order ko (no sinkers or sugar). :oldie:

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The Alley
Tiger Sugar

Happy Lemon :yum:

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